The Good Fight Dances With the Devil

Dylan Baker returned as Colin Sweeney

By Chris Harnick Apr 09, 2017 1:00 PMTags
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The face Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski) made when she saw Colin Sweeney again said it all. In "Self Condemned," Dylan Baker returned as the alleged wife-killing billionaire, and this time he needed Diane's help with a police brutality case. Alicia wouldn't take his case, but Adrian (Delroy Lindo) got wind of it because he's been on a quest to get the crooked cop off the force. Because it's Colin Sweeney, things weren't simple. Drugs, Israeli mistresses and somehow an ambassadorship under Donald Trump all came into play. Typical.

In the end, Diane and Adrian were able to get Colin off for the assault charges the cop was alleging and the cop off the force too, but he wouldn't be joining their class action lawsuit: He's in the running to become the ambassador to the Vatican.

The Good Fight First Look: Return to the World of The Good Wife

This episode benefited from only juggling two storylines instead of the three regularly handed out each episode. Maia (Rose Leslie) had Lucca (Cush Jumbo) represent her during her interview with with the Madeline Starkey (Jane Lynch), a federal investigator working the Rindell Ponzi scheme case. The interview was complete with flashbacks to Maia's formative years as Madeline questioned how much Maia really knew about the fund run by her parents. At the end of the interview, Madeline determined Maia had lied and she would recommend prosecution for Maia. Did Maia know about the scheme? That was the question even Maia was left with. The Good Fight and The Good Wife always made sure viewers remembered nothing is ever black and white.

Lucca's interactions with Madeline were a treat. Jumbo and Lynch looked like they were having as much fun as viewers had watching them. More of that on The Good Fight, please!

Gasp count: One.
Expletive count: Two f—ks, one bulls—t.

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