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Try not to lose your cool right now after we say this, but there's a third (yes, a third) Property Brother. 

If you've already lost it, don't worry...so has the rest of the internet.

In fact, the whole thing was started by Brad Esposito's tweet in which he shared a photo of Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott with their brother and wrote, "This pic of the third Property Brother has me seriously messed up."

We're right there with you, Brad.

So who exactly is this third Property Brother? Let's start with his name: J.D. Scott.

If you're an avid fan of Property Brothers you may have already known there was another brother (and if you're an avid fan and didn't know, you're not alone). Nonetheless, you probably didn't know much else about him, if anything at all.

First and foremost, he's not a twin or a triplet (or whatever). He's their older brother. 

Second, while some people are calling him a "magician" because he's seemingly just appeared out of thin air, J.D. actually has quite the resume.

He may not appear in front of the camera a lot on the HGTV show, but he's still heavily creative in his own career. According to the brothers' website, he's not only written scripts and starred in several films, he's also worked as an impersonator (just check out that old Adam Lambert hairstyle) and produced over "50 hours of digital content" for Property Brothers.

J.D. also helped found the Canadian sketch comedy group YFG. In fact, here's a video of him doing funny things with his brothers:

At this point, you may have also caught onto something else: that hair.

Yes, J.D. gone through many phases, particularly focusing on the old stark-black emo-'do that we tried in middle school and quickly abandoned.

Unfortunately, it took J.D. a little longer than the rest of us.

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But just so you're aware, he's since transitioned into a more modern style.

Today, J.D. continues to help on the production side of the Property Brothers and occasionally hopping on set to lend a hand. But before you start fantasizing about this jack-of-all-trades, just like his brothers, he's not on the market. 

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J.D. posts quite a bit about his love, makeup artist and model Annalee Belle.

In fact, he shared this photo two weeks ago, writing, "It has been two years. We have adventured around the world together, battled obstacles, been humbled, seen great fortune and had more fun than anyone deserves. I couldn't have asked for a better partner in life than my love @annaleebelle. Thank you for making me such a lucky man. #Anniversary." 


But just because he's taken doesn't mean can't look right?

If you feel like stalking him even further, here's his Instagram and Twitter handles, both of which he's very active on!

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