They’re gonna kill me for posting this #tbt

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This is American Idol Throwback Thursday edition.

While we were scrolling through Instagram and Twitter this evening, one photo stood out from all of the rest.

A round of applause is in order for Ryan Seacrest who just found one special picture with his friends Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson.

"They're gonna kill me for posting this #tbt," the American Idol host joked on Instagram as he held up a photo of the three guys that may just be from Season 1. And yes, that was back in 2002.

Perhaps it's Ryan's frosted tips on his hair. Maybe it's Randy's swag-worthy shades indoors. Or could it be Simon's gigantic smile we didn't see enough during the audition process.

Whatever the case may be, close to 30,000 people liked the photo on Instagram alone in just two short hours. In other words, the American Idol nostalgia is real!

Ever since the series finale hit in April 2016, much of the crew has stayed swamped with a variety of projects.

Ryan continues hosting his top-rated nationally syndicated radio show called On-Air With Ryan Seacrest. Randy remains a successful record producer and music manager.

As for Simon, he's still keeping things brutally honest as a judge for NBC's hit series America's Got Talent. Auditions for this summer's season are well underway as Mel B, Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum try to find the next $1 million act.

Ultimately, Ryan holds nothing but good memories about a show that launched the careers of Carrie Underwood, Jordin Sparks, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson and many others. 

"This show, there's something very simple about it. This is something that was designed for the whole family to watch together. It was a cool show for the family to watch together. Everything we did, we did through the lens of people sitting in their living rooms with their teenagers or their kids, their husbands and their wives, watching this show together," Ryan previously shared with Entertainment Weekly. "And having a common thread of something to talk about it. And obviously it's done what it's done for music, but I think simply, this was one of the greatest family events, for so many years. And people grew up really connected to it because of that."

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