Scandal's about to hit 100 episodes, and it's truly celebrating with a bang. 

And when we say bang, we don't mean an explosion or a gun shot like we usually do. We mean they're celebrating with an alternate universe in which Olivia (Kerry Washington) never helped rig the election, meaning she and Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) get to bang in peace, presumably. 

According to this promo that aired after tonight's episode, it also means Olivia's getting married, and Quinn's (Katie Lowes) getting a tiara! We're not sure why Quinn's getting a tiara, but life as a princess sure does sound better than most of the things she's done or been through over the years. 



In fact, we can't imagine life's not a little bit better for everybody in this parallel "what if" universe, especially after tonight's episode, which found OPA on the hunt for the missing Huck (Guillermo Diaz). 

We learned tonight that after Meg shot Huck (and boy did she shoot him—he was covered in blood), she stuck him in her trunk along with the dead Jennifer, and somehow managed to get that hotel room almost completely cleaned up before Jake (Scott Foley) arrived. Quinn and Charlie used blacklights to discover that the room had, in fact, been covered in blood at one point, and that sent Olivia into a panic. 

Huck was, at least, still alive in that trunk somehow. And then Meg pushed the car off of a cliff into a lake, and he remained alive as he imagined Olivia, Quinn, and Charlie (George Newbern) yelling at him to keep him that way. 

He got out of the car, and when he finally managed to swim to shore, he was suddenly tormented by his own former self, who was there to remind him that if he was still out there bleeding by dark, he'd probably die of blood loss and by coyote. 



Meanwhile, Abby learned what Meg had done, and Liv saw the pictures of Abby meeting with Meg and that ponytail woman, which got Abby a couple solid slaps on the face and a declaration that she's worthless. 

But she made Abby stay, so that whatever happened to Huck, she'd be right there to receive whatever punishment she deserved. 

"I won't even call her off," Liv hissed about Quinn's inevitable reaction to finding out what Abby did. And at the same time, we got to watch what Quinn was doing to Meg, who had been trying to disguise herself with blonde hair. Suddenly, the unusual violence warnings at the beginning of the episode (and beginning of the scene) made a hell of a lot of sense. Quinn got so angry that she killed probably the only person who knew where Huck was. 

Olivia and the rest of the team pretty much accepted that Huck was dead, but Charlie convinced her that no matter what, they still had to find him. So they did what they do best and put together a big board of clues. In the end, all they needed was to remember that Jennifer was probably wherever Huck was, and Jennifer had a phone with a signal they could triangulate. And so they found him, and he wasn't doing well. 

They got him to a hospital and learned that he was stable and breathing, but he had lost a lot of blood, and might not wake up the same Huck, if he wakes up at all. 

But of course, this is TV, and this is Huck, so he woke up after Quinn yelled at him for a while. He's alive! Oh thank Shonda! 

Scandal airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on ABC. 

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