Jimmy Fallon, Dwayne Johnson, The Rock


Jimmy Fallon is bringing out all the stops for his week in Orlando while promoting his new ride, Race Through New York, at Universal Studios.

Dwayne Johnson joined The Tonight Show host Wednesday for some fun in the sun, taking to the theme park dressed as mascot versions of themselves for a game of "Race Through Universal Studios." The rules were simple: receiving a high five from a tourist was worth one point, a hug was worth three points and scoring a selfie was worth five points. The late-night host and former wrestler then went their separate ways to meet and greet as many unsuspecting tourists as possible!

With no way to tell that the people underneath the oversized costumes were the real Rock and Jimmy, fans either fully embraced the two men or shied away (had they only known the truth!). When time was up, a tally revealed The Rock earned 103 points while Jimmy took the prize with 111 points.

After they had their fun outside, the dynamic duo made their way inside to the behind-the-scenes portion of Jimmy's new ride. While tourists stopped to take official ride photos, The Rock and Jimmy snuck up behind them and photobombed them in their mascot uniforms. They'd reveal themselves only after the photo was taken, giving families a chance to meet the stars.

One couple, however, got more than they bargained for. When The Rock and Jimmy popped out behind them still dressed in their mascot costumes, the male tourist got excited.

"My man, my hero since I was like five years old," he said.

Little did he know The Rock was actually underneath the oversized head. When the wrestler-turned-actor revealed himself, the man started to cry in disbelief.

"No tears," said The Rock, trying to console him. Only then did the tourist reveal the enormous tattoo of The Rock he had on his leg and show how much the WWE star really meant to him.

Watch the video to witness the emotional turn Jimmy and The Rock's adventures take.

(E!, NBC and Universal Studios are all members of the NBCUniversal family.)

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