Survivor Game Changers, Season 34


We should have known that anything called Survivor: Game Changers was going to be a good time, but it's more fun than we even thought it would be.

First the castaways were split into two tribes, then three, then back to two. Sometimes two tribes have to go to tribal council, and sometimes only one. And one by one, some of the biggest, most game-changey players are being picked off thanks to the genius manipulation of their tribe mates.  

And meanwhile, it seems that some of the castaways are slowly losing their minds, if they hadn't already lost them. Debbie, for instance, went a little nuts last week after she volunteered to do the balance beam part of a challenge, then failed spectacularly at it, and then got angry that she was forced to do the balance beam. 

And then, in the second challenge, she said she better not do the balance beam, but when the person who did do the balance beam didn't do a very good job, she wondered why she didn't do the balance beam. 

Later, she flashed her abs at us and declared that she never gets angry. OK, Debbie. 

Before tonight's episode, we said "I can't wait to watch Debbie get out voted out." The joke was actually on us, because Jeff had the castaways drop their buffs once again and turned three tribes back into two. Everyone was either in Mana or Nuku again, except for Debbie, who faced exile.

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That meant she couldn't be voted out tonight, but she thought she was headed off to be by herself in the jungle, cut off from that all important bonding time all tribes need before tribal councils. But that was OK, she said, because she used to just hang out by herself with a pony, even though she was pretty sure there would be no ponies on exile island. 

There were no ponies, but it did turn out that exile island was less of an island and more of a fancy yacht, complete with all the amenities and Survivor: Caramoan winner John Cochran, who was there to give Debbie any advice she may need, along with her choice of advantage. She picked the one that would give her an extra vote at tribal council, meaning one Debbie left the beach, one stronger, happier Debbie with the power of two Debbies is coming back. 

Meanwhile, Tai, who had already found an idol at his old camp, realized that the same clue also worked at his new camp, so now he's got two idols stuffed in his underwear. So you'd think he would behave a little more carefully, but when his new tribe (which also included Sandra, Jeff, Ozzy, Zeke, Sarah, and Andrea) lost immunity and ended up at tribal council, he didn't seem to grasp that Sandra was determined to send him home.

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But he did seem to understand that Zeke wanted to send Sandra home, maybe? Sandra decided to put on an act as if she had accepted she was going home, but Tai openly tried to change the vote to Ozzy, first by whispering it, and then just by saying it. Nothing made any sense, but we did think Tai had just made sure most of the votes would go in his direction, which would be fine for him, because he had two idols. 

That's why we nearly screamed when he didn't use an idol when Jeff asked, and then we screamed again when Sandra went home anyway, meaning the queen has been dethroned for the first time ever. 

We don't know what just happened or what's going on in general, but damn that was fun. 

Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on CBS. 

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