Well, at least they tried...

Shia LaBeouf's new film Man Down will end it's week-long run in the United Kingdom after extremely dismal sales.

The film—which follows the actor as a U.S. soldier returning home from Afghanistan who is suffering from PTSD—sold one, single ticket during it's opening day in the U.K. In all fairness, it only opened in one theater (a branch of the Reel Cinema chain in the town of Burnley) and has only been shown once a day.

Since then, it's garnered a 200-percent box-office leap as two more people bought tickets in the days to follow. 

 "I think we've sold three tickets in total," a manager at the movie theater told The Hollywood Reporter. "[We haven't] experienced anything like it before."

Thus, the cinema will stop showing the movie Thursday, and the film will max out after earning a measly $26.

Unfortunately, Man Down—which also features Kate Mara, Gary Oldman and Jai Courtney—didn't see great numbers in the U.S. either. After ending its limited run in the States, it earned $454,490.

Shia LaBeouf, Man Down


While this may seem like the absolute worst run of any film in history, there have actually been worse.

Over the last ten years, we've seen quite a few films bomb in the U.K., and though their numbers aren't as bad as Man Down, they're still pretty rough.

For example, Bradley Cooper's Older Than America earned $29 in 2012 during a re-release from its original 2008 premiere. Similarly, Richard Gere's 2016 flick The Benefactor (which also starred Theo James and Dakota Fanning) earned $31 in total.

But, while Man Down still sees worse earnings than that, nothing tops (or bottoms?) the lowest-grossing film so far this decade: Inbred.

The gory flick starred Jo Hartley and James Doherty only made $19 in the U.K. in 2012.

So, don't get too down on yourself, LaBeouf!

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