Get your wallets out Team Corn because you have some serious shopping to do.

Bachelor Nation was aware that Corinne Olympios was hustling to complete some fashion designs. They just didn't realize everything would be ready today.

The Bachelor contestant announced on Instagram Tuesday afternoon that her fashion collaboration with Riot Society was open for business online. And if you watched this past season with Nick Viall, chances are you're going to recognize some of these sayings.

Male and female fans alike can choose from a variety of shirts, tank-tops and long-sleeve tees that include "Make America Corinne Again," "OK, But First Cheese Pasta" and "Dude I Need Sushi." Perhaps the design that will be most in demand is "Platinum Vagine." Come on, don't act like you forget that iconic line.

According to Riot Society owner Mike H, sales have exceeded anyone's expectations. "We averaged an order every 15 seconds for the first 10 hours through midnight on Tuesday," he shared with E! News. "Our factory has been running on two shifts to keep up with demand."

"I don't know! I have no idea what I was thinking," Corinne admitted to E! News' Erin Lim when she was asked about her unforgettable one-liners. "It kind of just came out, I don't know what happened there."

And for people questioning whether or not producers came up with some of her more memorable lines, Corinne was quick to take all the credit for them. "It's all me, babe!"

But back to the fashion! Most T-shirts cost an affordable $22 and are machine washable. What more could you (or your nanny) ask for? And more than 500 shirts were sold in the first hour alone.

"Working with Corinne is a blast! Not only is she super creative and extremely smart, but she's genuinely one of the funniest people I know," Mike shared with us. "The launch of the collection was beyond a success and absolutely exceeded all of our expectations. I'm so excited about our new partnership and all of our upcoming projects. Hold on tight, Riot Society & Team Corn are coming for you!"

"It's always been a dream of mine to have a clothing line and you know I've had so many Corinneisms on the show kind of take off and then people started making shirts and I'm like you know what I'm just gonna to do it," Corinne shared with E! News exclusively. "I'm gonna try it, I'm gonna try to make my dreams come true. People have been so supportive and I'm so thankful."

Corinne also promised that new shirts and hats will be available next week in time for Coachella

And for those wondering what Corinne is up to after leaving the Bachelor Mansion, she's still not engaged. There is, however, a special someone that recently caught her attention.

"It's going really well. We definitely progressed," Corinne shared with E! News. "He'll be in my group with me at Coachella. He is a full supporter of me and everything I do."

—Reporting by Holly Passalaqua

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