Who do we have to petition to keep this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills going? Because while season seven may have ended tonight, it really felt like we were just getting started thanks to that explosive Hong Kong trip and Lisa Vanderpump's shocking diamonds and rose party.

Unfortunately, this really was the finale and even though we've got the reunion special to look forward to, this is where we leave the story of our beloved Beverly Hills ladies for another year. So after watching Erika Girardi and Eileen Davidson more than hold their own against a rather aggressive Paul "PK" Kemsley who, while stepping in to protect his wife Dorit Kemsley, may have overstepped his ground, Eden Sassoon lose her mind on Lisa Rinna quite literally out of nowhere and Kyle Richards hilariously sit on that giant ball of spikes (Seriously, can we get a GIF of that stat?!), it's time to consider everyone's performance this season.

Let's declare us a winner, shall we?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 7, RHOBH


7. Eden Sassoon
Between her insistence at inserting herself in the middle of Kyle's relationship with her newly sister Kim Richards or her remarkably over-the-top explosion at Rinna in the finale, Eden's antics never really rubbed anyone the right way. And the rest of the time she barely registered as an entity. That's just us coming from a place of truth. Sorry, not sorry.

6. Dorit Kemsley
It's never easy to judge a Housewife after just one season, but Dorit's decision to turn Erika's underwear snafu into Pantygate (ugh) felt like a weird way to ingratiate herself into the group. Her excuses over her behavior both in regards to that and Rinna's Xanax smoothie joke were flimsy at best. And her flip-flopping during her fight with Erika on the junk boat belied an inexperience at holding one's ground, which is a skill any Housewife needs. Did she spend all year trying to get Erika to warm up to her or did she not want to have anything to do with her? Because she argued both in the span of minutes.

5. Lisa Rinna
After last season's Munchausen's debacle, you'd have thought Rinna would've learned her lesson. But she didn't. Instead, she floated the idea that Kim was near death and Kyle was her enabler. That alone dropped her down in the ranking. And then she tried to pretend she couldn't remember whether or not she'd said such an audacious thing? She should've known better. Not her best outing.

4. Lisa Vanderpump
We love LVP and her dedication to saving dogs all over the world. But at this point, we're beginning to prefer the fun, cheeky LVP we get week-to-week on Vanderpump Rules and not the one who's so embroiled in drama that's beneath her. Also her insistence at taking digs and passing them off as her British sense of humor is wearing the slightest bit thin. Sometimes digs are just digs.

3. Eileen Davidson
Watching Eileen and Erika's friendship grow this season was a highlight. Watching Eileen get ripped to shreds by Erika in Hong Kong was a low. Watching them both act like grown ass women and deal with apologies (both giving and accepting them) in a mature, reasonable way as they rebounded their friendship was a peak. And then the way Eileen just shut PK down tonight? Aces.

2. Kyle Richards
How likable was Kyle this season?! This might have been her most charming showing in all seven seasons, and that's saying something. Between the amazing faces she made in Hong Kong as she watched all that insanity unfold around her, the way she flat-out laughed when Eden decided she wanted some time in the spotlight at the end of LVP's party in the finale and the very natural relationship she developed with Erika this season, she was a joy to watch.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 7, RHOBH


1. Erika Girardi
We can't say Erika's season was blemish-free from start to finish because there was that unfortunate meltdown in Hong Kong aimed at the wrong target, but the way she owned it (Your licensing fee is in the mail, Rinna!) only helped to prove what an authentic presence she is on RHOBH. She always knew the right thing to say, she suffered no fool, and she always, always looked flawless. If that's what "inherently cold" looks like, as PK taunted tonight, then may we always feel her chill.

Who do you think came out on top this season? Sound off in the comments below.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season seven reunion special begins Tuesday, April 11 on Bravo.

(E! and Bravo are both part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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