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Breakups within Bachelor Nation rarely go unnoticed. 

So when it became clear that Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton's engagement ended early this month with an admittedly nasty altercation, it didn't take long for the former couple's co-stars to speak up with their own point of view. 

Vinny Ventiera, who appeared on Bachelor in Paradise with Amanda and Josh but admits he's "especially bonded" with the latter, defended his close friend in a conversation with E! News.

"It's unfortunate to see what's been going on," he shared, adding that he understood why Murray wanted the car he purchased and gave to Amanda as a gift back after splitting. "It wasn't like he cold-called the cops. He said, 'These are your two options," Vinny added, explaining Josh's rationale. "If you want the car, take over the payments. If not, you have to give it back."

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As for why Murray's alleged personal assistant Hayley Watts brought a police officer to seize the vehicle and later return with Amanda's possessions, Ventiera told us, "It's not like he thought she was a criminal. He just wanted an officer there as a middleman. I would, too."

Marcus Grodd, who got to know Murray while competing on Andi Dorfman's season of The Bachelorette in 2014, said he gave Josh advice as for how to proceed with retrieving the car from Amanda. "I see him as a compassionate guy," Grodd continued. "He loves to help people and he's always been there for me."

He told us, "Frankly, I don't see Amanda's perspective on wanting to keep a car from him when they're no longer together... It's not his place to continue paying for someone he's not with anymore."

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Amanda's gal pal and fellow Bachelor in Paradise competitor Jen Saviano had this to say about Murray's character. 

"It's unfortunate that their relationship came down to this. I don't know Josh very well, I honestly never cared to, but relationships ending in hostility seems as though it's a pattern for him," she shared, referencing the negative allegations brought against him by Dorfman after their breakup.

Jen continued, "I do know Amanda as a good friend, and the allegations about her are almost laughable. Regardless of what actually happened with the car, I do know Amanda would never 'body shame' another woman, nor would she go out of her way like he has to try to bring someone down."

Stanton vehemently denied Watts' assertions that she called her "Fatty" multiple times in front of her daughter, saying the thought of it made her "so upset."

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Jen also admitted, "He didn't need to take it to this level, it's crossing the line."

Lauren Bushnell didn't mince words when it came to her opinion on the matter, siding with Amanda. "I don't usually comment on people's relationships because no relationship is even close to perfect and honestly it's none of my business," The Bachelor star told E! News. 

"But what I do stand against is men who abuse women," Bushnell said. "Whether it's verbal, emotional or physical. The lies in this article don't even deserve my attention however the months of emotional and verbal abuse is something that I will not remain silent on."

Izzy Goodkind also shared her thoughts, telling us, "When we were in Paradise, they seemed so in love. It's unfortunate that it's gotten to this point. I wish them both the best." 

Regardless of the he-said, she-said between Stanton and Murray, their confidantes can agree that this romance is over for good. Marcus revealed, "I don't think there's been a lot of communication between the two of them. It's been a lot of texts and some phone calls and nothing seems to be getting resolved."


"I think it's over and there's nothing either of them is going to say or do that would bring them back together," he insisted. "It seems like she's a great girl but there's nothing there anymore."

Vinny agreed: "I don't think they'll get back together. Josh has seen her true colors... I wouldn't want a friend of mine going back with someone like that."

The reality TV star shared, "It's hurtful to be going through this. I think he would have liked this to go a lot smoother."

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