Stop What You're Doing and Watch LeAnn Rimes and Anthony Anderson Sing About...Breast Exams!

Exclusive! Check out their new PSA for Stand Up To Cancer

By Marc Malkin Mar 30, 2017 12:00 PMTags
Watch: Watch! LeAnn Rimes Singing About Breast Exams Is Amazing

LeAnn Rimes and Anthony Anderson are making us laugh—and sing—for a very good cause.

The singer and the Black-ish star have teamed up for a new Stand Up To Cancer PSA that features them singing "Treasured Chest," a very catchy song about...breast exams!

And only E! News has the exclusive first look at their video.

"Mammography's like photography but just for your breasts," they croon in the country-inspired ballad. "For the best shot they'll need them compressed—squeeze!—between two plates, then they'll snap some x-rays."

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The SU2C and Rally Health musical campaign promotes the importance of proactive screenings and early detection in the fight against breast cancer and colorectal cancer. The PSAs encourage people to visit GetScreenedNow.org to take a pledge to get screened.

"I'm honored to help Stand Up To Cancer and Rally increase awareness about the importance of breast cancer screenings," Rimes says. "It's important to know your risks for cancer, especially breast cancer, which is the second leading cause of cancer deaths for U.S. women. By taking the pledge, you are also taking a step toward prevention and early detection—which are both key in the fight against cancer."

Anderson said, "Breast cancer has taken too many of our mothers, sisters, grandmothers and friends, and I'm proud to join Stand Up To Cancer and Rally to help change that statistic. By getting screened early on, women can take charge of their health and take preventive actions against cancer."