Jimmy Fallon Plays Virtual Reality Pictionary With Dove Cameron, Michael Che and Scarlett Johansson

The classic game gets a twist on late-night

By Zach Johnson Mar 28, 2017 12:15 PMTags

Jimmy Fallon and Michael Che should be Virtual Reality Pictionary pros by now.

The 43-year-old Tonight Show host and the 33-year-old Saturday Night Live star debuted the game on Fallon's late-night show in December, and on Monday, the duo invited Dove Cameron and Scarlett Johansson to play along with them. Che and the 32-year-old Ghost in the Shell actress teamed up, so Fallon sided with the 21-year-old Liv and Maddie actress. "The game works exactly like Pictionary except the person who is drawing will be wearing one of these virtual reality headsets," Fallon explained. "Then you're going to draw in 3D space using this program called Tilt Brush. It's so rad! We're going to be able to see what you're drawing on the big screen behind us. Forty-five seconds per turn; I'll go first...I'll show you guys how to do it."

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After Fallon selected his card, he had to remind Cameron how to play. "Oh, I'm guessing? We're clearly really prepped and ready," the Disney Channel star joked. "We know what we're doing!"

Fallon's challenge was to draw a "clown car."

Johansson was next up and chose "pinball machine," much to her dismay. "What?" she gasped. "Oh, my God! This is so hard!" After adjusting the headset, she admitted, "Whoa, this is trippy!" Though she struggled with the technology, it only took 20 seconds for Che to guess what it was.

"How did you get that?" Fallon asked. "That was amazing!"

Che's skills made Cameron "super stressed" going into the next round: "That was next level." Cameron selected "head in the clouds," which her partner figured out in just under 15 seconds.

For the final round—worth triple the points—both teams had to guess what Che was drawing. "This is the future!" Fallon told an annoyed Johansson. "This is how games work in the future!"

To see who—if anyone—guessed "spring chicken," watch the video now.

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