Grab your time-turners because you're about to feel old.

Ten years ago Neil Cicierega created The Potter Puppet Pals series, which took the Internet by storm. One specific installment, however, stood apart from the rest: "The Mysterious Ticking Noise." Although it was supposed to be the Harry Potter characters in puppet form sniffing out a bomb, the video proved to be so much more. Even puppet Professor Snape couldn't deny the catchiness of the ticking.

"Snape Snape Severus Snape / Snape Snape Severus Snape," he says over and over again. Of course, Dumbledore pops in to shout "Dumbledore!" in rhythm with Snape's ticking tune.

The Potter Puppet Pals


"Ron Ron Ron Ron Weasley!" the redheaded puppet chimes in. Eventually Hermione Granger makes a cameo and, of course, Harry Potter himself, giving the tune a bit of a remix as he repeats, "Harry Potter Harry Potter" over and over again at specific intervals.

As the video continues, tensions arise between Snape and Harry...obviously. But like the books, this cast of characters comes together to "sing our song all day long at Hogwarts!"

Unfortunately, it doesn't end well for this happy-go-lucky group.

Ron discovers the source of the "catchy" ticking—a pipe bomb. A few seconds later the group explodes, thanks to Lord Voldemort's evil plan. Like we said, you're going to want a time-turner to fix this situation because in what world would Voldemort win?!

Do you remember The Potter Puppet Pals? Sound off in the comments!

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