Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Are More Than ''Just a Fling'': They Have a ''Crazy'' Connection

Singer and former baseball player are getting more serious

By Kendall Fisher Mar 23, 2017 5:14 PMTags

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are warming things up with their new fling this spring...but will they last through the season?

An insider tells E! News that they may actually be getting more serious than everyone originally thought. "All his friends can tell he really likes J.Lo [but] in the beginning they thought this may just be a fling."

However, our source says his friends have recently changed their minds. "Friends are slowly thinking this may actually be a great match. He calls J.Lo his lady. He would wife her up in a heartbeat...She is different than other people he's dated."

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Not to mention, our source says they have a "crazy" connection and are "always all over each other when they are out."

Still, they're both very busy—he's a special instructor for the New York Yankees and she's managing her television show as well as a Las Vegas residency. So how do they make it work?

"He has some free time [right now]," our insider explained. "So he's been living the life and enjoying time with J.Lo."

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Not to mention, she's supported him during spring training with the Yankees, and they've already fit in a quick getaway to the Bahamas. They even work out together when they can!

In fact, J.Lo has been spending time in Miami while she works on her Spanish album, and Rodriguez has been spotted hanging out with her in the city where the heat is on, hitting the gym with her and going out to dinner together.

So yes, they've proven to be getting more serious since first sparking rumors earlier this month. 

"Jennifer and Alex are heating up big time," a source shared with E! News exclusively last week. "They went from zero to 100 really quick."

One of the reasons that may makes them a "great match" is due to their similarities, not only in age but in their dating history

"Jennifer likes the idea of dating a man closer to her age," the source added. "Jennifer is really into Alex but still just going with it and learning about him...This very likely may turn into a relationship."