Chris Pratt Jokes About Appearing "Skeletal" on Instagram

After being told he looks "too thin," the actor shares a new episode of What's My Snack

By Zach Johnson Mar 23, 2017 2:05 PMTags

Chris Pratt has a bone to pick with Instagram.

Last week, the 37-year-old actor debuted his unofficial What's My Snack series on the social media platform. Pratt, who is currently filming the sequel to Jurassic World alongside Bryce Dallas Howard, shows his followers what it's like to be on a movie star diet. In the first installment, he enjoyed a baobab, banana, cacao and chia smoothie. In the next video, he ate "cat food"—a.k.a. sliced sashimi. Pratt broke his diet and sampled his olive oil pistachio cake a day early, but managed to save a crumb for the following day. Since he was "embarrassed" by the cake episode, he decided to upload a new video, in which he ate a "manly" snack: an apple.

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Most of Pratt's 9.9 million followers thanked him for the laughs, but a few of them took it upon themselves to comment on his appearance. So, when Pratt shared a new episode Thursday, the actor used a little humor to shut his haters down. "So many people have said I look too thin in my recent episodes of #WHATSMYSNACK. Some have gone as far as to say I look 'skeletal.' Well, just because I am a male doesn't mean I'm impervious to your whispers. Body shaming hurts. So to prove my security in the way I look I'm posting a current selfie of me at what I consider a very healthy weight," he wrote in the Instagram video caption. "500lbs. Zero percent body fat."

"Totally JK guys," Pratt confessed. "This is a T Rex skull. Nailed you so bad. Omg."

Dieting isn't fun, but Pratt feels much better now than he did when he tipped the scales at 300 lbs. "I was impotent, fatigued, emotionally depressed. I had real health issues that were affecting me in a major way. It's bad for your heart, your skin, your system, your spirit," he told Men's Health U.K. in 2015. Once he adopted a diet and exercise regimen, everything changed. "When I was fat and unhappy, the only moments of respite I got was when I was eating. Now mealtimes are sometimes lame, because that's the way it can be when you're eating healthily."

But it's worth it. As Pratt told the magazine, "All the time between meals, I feel great."