Everything You Need to Know to Work Out Like Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Star Hunter McGrady

How to get all the right moves.

By Seija Rankin Mar 21, 2017 11:00 AMTags
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To page through the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition is to instantly wonder what the models are doing that you aren't. 

SI deals in the currency of envy, and that overly unattainable aesthetic used to be their bread and butter—make that their gluten-free bread and dairy-free butter. But the magazine has finally started to come out of the dark ages and model itself after, well, the rest of the universe. No longer are its pages full of women so unrealistically thin. It's certainly a change worth celebrating. 

But this year's issue was still rife with #Goals of all kind. It's still Sports Illustrated, after all, and the women filling its photo spreads are still armed with the most expensive swimsuits, professional glam squads and an army of diet and workout experts to help them along. But in 2017, all those secrets aren't under lock and key: They're being shouted from the rooftops, starting with Hunter McGrady

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The beauty was featured as one of this year's Rookies of the Year, and she made waves not only for her exceptional beauty, but also for being the magazine's curviest model yet. She modeled one of SI's signature painted bikinis and instantly brought inspiration to the masses. 

But she's not even close to done.

McGrady was kind enough to take E! News' own Sibley Scoles on a journey through her gym routine at West Hollywood's In Training, to show the rest of us just what it takes to work out like a Sports Illustrated star. The best part? No fancy trainer or equipment required—all you need is yourself and a little bit of motivation. Follow along for her five most important moves. 

1. The Centipede


"I usually start with the centipede," McGrady told E! News. "You get the back, you get the arms, everything—it's a go-to."

2. Squats


"I love squats, because I want that Beyoncé bootie. It's really good for building up your glutes and your thighs; just make sure to push into the floor on the way up."

3. The Ice-Skate


"Next we wanna get our heart rate up," advises McGrady. "You can do these with weights, or not, but they're good for cardio. We usually do this 10-15 times, and we do that three times. You can burn calories when you're sleeping." 

4. Plank


"Planks are always good, they're for every part of your body," says McGrady. "Hold for about a minute, and I do three rounds, until I start to shake. This is where you have a conversation about your deepest, darkest secret."

5. The Lunge


"The ever-amazing lunges. You could do these with weights as well, of course. It's amazing for your butt. Once I lose my balance, that's when I know I'm done."