The Good Fight


It's almost like The Good Fight was created just to provide commentary about the current political climate. In "Social Media and Its Discontents," Diane Lockart (Christine Baranski) and Co. took on the alt-right and internet trolls—yes, again—while Maia (Rose Leslie) debated whether or not her dad (Paul Guilfoyle) was trying to get evidence against her and the firm, and Lucca (Cush Jumbo) dealt with her feelings in the forced love interest plot with Colin (Justin Bartha).

It was a more cohesive episode, with Maia weighing in on Chum Hum's moderation practices with her own harassment experience, but boy was it an annoying episode. All the credit goes to John Cameron Mitchell's Felix Staples. Congratulations, you did your job well, writers and actors. The firm battled Felix and his flock of trolls over  moderation and free speech on the web, and in the end found out Chum Hum had set them up to see if they would be successful in taking on the trolls. One of the best things to come out of the episode was Diane's take down of Felix after they unbanned him and let him get back to trolling:

"You're a clown. What's worse is you're a smart clown who occasionally has a point, a point you destroyed by mixing it up with racism and misogyny you probably don't even believe," Diane said. "When you were little someone rejected you, or made fun of you and now you get to be one of the mean guys making fun of other people…You think this is some grand rebellion against progressives and social justice warriors, it's not. You're just some kid in the corner pissing yourself, so have at it."


Meanwhile, Maia sought out Elsbeth's (Carrie Preston) help in figuring out whether her dad was trying to information out of her to flip her and the firm in. The Ada (Elsbeth's Alexa-like device) bit where the device accidentally played music came back, which seemed lazy, only until Elsbeth used it again to help soothe Maia when she found out that yes indeed her dad was wearing a wire and trying to pump her for information to save himself more jail time.

Lucca struggled with letting Colin in some more, which turned into her going back out with her trainer only to go to Colin's house for the first time. On the way there she couldn't control herself and started making out with him and attempting to go further than that. Yes, while he was driving. Ridiculous. Jumbo and the writers have made it clear that the character has walls up and it was a big deal for her to let Alicia (Julianna Margulies) in while on The Good Wife, and Alicia's absence has hurt her a bit. It would be more rewarding to see her work alongside Maia and Diane, to let the walls come down with friendship while at the same time find love. Lucca deserves more than a love interest.

Gasp count: One, when Diane showed up in that outfit above.
Expletive count: Eight f—ks and one c—t.

The Good Fight drops new episodes Sundays on CBS All Access.

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