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So, you've watched the introduction to a new show first the first time. You've heard the theme, you've seen the cool graphics and now you're ready to dive in headfirst.

But then the next episode begins and you have to go through it all over again. You're over hearing Regina Spektor's "You've Got Time" before Orange Is the New Black begins, so you try to fast forward but inevitably go to far and have to rewind.

It's an exhausting mission when all you're trying to do is Netflix and chill. Well, Netflix heard you and has found a solution: a skip opening credits button. The streaming service is rolling out a button that will allow viewers to skip the introductions of some TV shows. Some Twitter users pointed out this week that a "skip intro" button appeared on House of Cards, Iron Fist and Mad Men

It's unclear whether the button will appear on shows with cold opens, such as The Office. Although Netflix is still in the testing phase of the feature, people on social media already have proclaimed their love for it.

"The 'skip intro' button on netflix is so great bc after watching the 12th episode in one day you get a little tired of hearing the song," wrote one user.

"Netflix finally has a Skip Intro button!!" commented another.

"Whoever created the 'skip intro' button on Netflix is going places," tweeted another.

Rejoice, binge-watchers, because you're well on your way to saving countless minutes on irritating songs.  

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