"We laughed, we cried!"

There were a lot of scandalous moments on Sunday's episode of The Arrangement! On the show, nude photos of Megan Morrison (Christine Evangelista) were leaked online. And if that wasn't enough for Megan to deal with, the photos were leaked in the middle of a party she and boyfriend Kyle West (Josh Henderson) were throwing at his house.

The leak also happened right after Megan's deal closed for Kyle's movie, The Kill Plan. The studio had already been hesitant to agree to let Megan do the movie and then after the photos leaked, it was revealed that the studio can fire Megan by saying she broke the morality clause in her contract.

"The rumor is you leaked the photos yourself as a publicity grab," Megan's agent Leslie (Autumn Reeser) told her.

Megan was so upset by the leak and the rumors, Kyle decided to get her out of L.A. and the two escaped to a little cabin in the woods. And while there, the two decided to take the situation into their own hands and stripped down for a nude photo together. Kyle and Megan then posted the photo online and he explained afterword that the "morality clause is dead" because if the studio wants to fire her, they have to fire him too.

But after a talk with Terence (Michael Vartan), Kyle decided it's a good idea to have another well-known actress replace Megan in the movie because throwing her into a franchise at the beginning of her career isn't in her "best interest." Kyle explained to a pissed off Megan that he didn't want to set her up to fail and to have everyone think she's just in the movie because she's his girlfriend.

Then, at the end of the episode, us viewers learned that Megan's BFF Hope (Katharine Isabelle) actually leaked Megan's original nude photo. Talk about betrayal!

So what was it like filming this episode?

Watch Josh and Christine spill episode secrets and reveal they had "anxiety for weeks" before stripping down in The Arrangement: Postnup video above!

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