We all know Phoebe Buffay was a misunderstood genius, and it's doubly obvious once you get to sit down with Lisa Kudrow.

The star of Friends and The Comeback just radiates intelligence, even when she's just mulling a few of our rapid-fire questions over the course of 42 seconds.

So of course we were listening quite closely when she sat down with Marc Malkinto discuss her new movie, The Boss Baby, and take the E!Q in 42—and by jove, she switched up her favorite Friends episode!

She wrote in a much-quoted Reddit AMA in 2014 that her favorite episode was 2001's "The One With the Halloween Party," which features a cameo by Sean Pennas the mismatched fiancé of Phoebe's selfish twin sister Ursula.

But she named a different, extremely memorable episode to Marc.

Watch the video to find out where Kudrow's fond memories are resting these days, plus she reveals what food she won't touch, what's wrong with The Real Housewives and more!

The Boss Baby is in theaters March 31.

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