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In this no-nonsense guide, Hollywood's biggest makeup artists break down the basics to recreating their signature looks. This week, longtime makeup artist Kristofer Buckle shares his strategy for red carpet-ready lips. 

When it comes to the methods behind painting the perfect pout, it all depends on the color and formula, according to Kristofer Buckle, makeup artist to leading ladies like Blake Lively, Kelly Ripa and Kate Beckinsale

As for picking the right color, two things should be taken into consideration: where you want the focus and skin tone. 

"I select a lip color to either pop, recede or balance," Buckle explained to E! News. "If we're going for more of an eye look, I select a flattering color that isn't too deep or distracting. If we go with less on the eye, I'll select a bright or deep shade lip, and sometimes I select a color in between when a natural, balanced look is desired."

When complementing a skin tone, Buckle thinks opposites. "I usually like to pick a color that has the opposite undertones than the complexion so it looks fresh and not muddy," he continued. "If someone has a lot of yellow in their skin, I use a pink with cool undertones."

Once a color is chosen, Buckle starts with a matching lip liner to create a defined pout and fills it all in with a lipstick. Note: Pay attention to the product's formula.

For example, his line of Kristofer Buckle Cashmere Slip Lipsticks contain shea butter, so you can get "long-wearing matte colors without [feeling] dry."

Amen to that!

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