Jimmy Kimmel Has Celebs Read Mean Tweets About Themselves at Oscars 2017—Natalie Portman Makes Appearance After All!

James Corden brought his "Carpool Karaoke" to the 2017 Grammys and at the 2017 Oscars Sunday, it was Jimmy Kimmel's turn to shine with one of his own show's famous gags

By Corinne Heller Feb 27, 2017 4:38 AMTags

James Corden brought his "Carpool Karaoke" to the 2017 Grammys and at the 2017 Oscars Sunday, it was Jimmy Kimmel's turn to shine with one of his own show's famous gags.

The host's Jimmy Kimmel Live! segment "Mean Tweets" took center stage at the award ceremony, with stars reading unflattering Twitter messages about themselves.

The pre-taped segment included the likes of Robert De NiroSamuel L. Jackson, and nominees Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone and Natalie Portman, who was unable to attend the show due to her pregnancy. She is expecting her second child with husband Benjamin Millepied and is in her third trimester.

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"I feel like if you went to lunch with Natalie Portman, she would only order a hot tea with lemon and maybe some toast. Definitely not an entree, though," the actress read.

"Oh, look at me, I'm Ryan Gosling, I have perfect bone structure and kind eyes. Go [bleep] yourself, Ryan Gosling," the actor read.

Stone read that she "looks like a crack whore in every role she plays."

"Great," she said.

Jackson read that he "has resting fart face."

"Yes, I do," he said.

"Robert De Niro is too old to be making gangster movies still. Due needs to start playing grandfather roles or something," the actor read. "Yeah, I am playing grandfather roles and pretty soon I'll be playing great-grandfather roles. [Bleep] you."

"Who knew Robert de Niro had such a potty mouth. That is shocking to me," Kimmel joked.

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