Reality TV Body Transformations

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Move over, Mama June!

As fans anxiously await the reality star's big reveal in WEtv's Mama June: From Not to Hot docuseries after weight loss surgery and a revamped diet and fitness routine, the mother of four is not alone in her quest to transform in front of and behind the cameras. 

In the short history of reality television, a handful of TV's favorite civilians-turned-celebrities have shed their outer shells in the process of their small screen ventures. 

From the Real Housewives of New Jersey's Lauren Manzo, who underwent lap-band surgery in 2012, to Jersey Shore's Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, who ditched her party girl ways and lost around 50 pounds, here's a look back at all those whose transformations weren't only documented on the scale. 

Kate Gosselin, Weight Loss

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Before she was Kate Plus 8, Kate Gosselin was a brunette mother of twin daughters with six babies on the way. Following her pregnancy and the beginnings of Jon & Kate Plus 8, the mom dropped her pregnancy weight and chopped her hair into an iconic blond spiky bob. 

Then, following her split from her husband of 10 years, she marked her newly single life with blond extensions, bronze skin and fully glam makeup. 

"I think when the world met me I was three days post having sextuplets, so the only place you can get from that point is younger," she told E! News in 2015. "You guys saw me at my worst first, and then I just kind of reversed in front of your eyes. It was nothing amazing, it was just, when you met me, who was that person?"

Lauren Manzo, Weight Loss


While the Manzo family's only daughter is rocking a baby bump right now, this isn't the first time fans have watched the 28-year-old Manzo'd With Children star physically change. Five years ago, the mom-to-be elected to have lap-band surgery, and later, a breast reduction

"It wasn't anything to do with television. I just hated me," Manzo candidly told Bethenny Frankel on her former talk show. "I have done every diet. I have struggled my entire life. I started to go into a depression and now I'm happy and I've never been happier. It's the best thing I've ever done."

Snooki, Weight Loss

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Who can ever forget the bold and unapologetic 21-year-old self-proclaimed "guidette" Snooki, who crashed onto the Jersey Shore and into the hearts of fans everywhere. It's been nearly a decade since Polizzi gained international fame with her incessant tanning, signature poof and pickle obsession and a lot has certainly changed. 

Following the birth of her first child, son Lorenzo, the star cut out the booze and hit the gym, dropping nearly 50 pounds. Her transformation was so significant, some fans questioned her health and even called the star "emaciated."

"People are jerks," the mom told InTouch in 2013. "I don't look emaciated—I look healthy!"

Graham Elliot, Weight Loss

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MasterChef judge Graham Elliot has devoted his career to food, but he struggled with his weight for years. Then, in 2013, he underwent sleeve gastrectomy and has since shed nearly 100 pounds. 

"Weight is something I've battled all my life," he told People days before his surgery. "It's hard to get in and out of a car, tie my shoe or play with my kids."

Today, the star is enjoying running and even planned to participate in his first 5K. "I see people on the street who are the size I was only a few months ago, and it's like, 'Man, I wish you could feel what I am feeling right now, it's absolutely life-changing,'" he told the magazine. 

Teen Mom, Then and Now, Amber Portwood, Weight Loss


Teen Mom 2's Amber Portwood has been vocal about her weight struggle since she found stardom on 16 and Pregnant. Though she's gone up and down on the scale while also dealing with drugs, jail time and a custody battle for her daughter, the star vowed  that, as soon as she was released, she would give weight loss her all. Two years after being freed from prison, she revealed to fans she had lost 36 pounds. As of late, the star has even switched out her dark mane for platinum blond locks, causing fans to do a double take. 

"What I had to do when I first got out [of jail] was focus on staying sober. But I always wanted to lose weight and get healthy again," she told Cosmopolitan

"That was my next step. When I started to feel comfortable with my sobriety, I was like, 'OK, now it's time to go an extra step.' That takes so much out of you that you really have to be dedicated and have the energy to do it. I've tried to transform my life into something new since I've been out."

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