How to Look Long and Lean, According to Amy Adams' Pilates Pro

You're going to want to try this at home

By Taylor Stephan Feb 24, 2017 7:27 PMTags
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If you've ever taken a Pilates class before, you know that the workout is no joke.

A session with celeb instructor Nonna Gleyzer, however, will have your body do more than just sweat—it's body calibration.

At the personal request of director Tom Ford, the Pilates pro whipped the stars of the Oscar-nominated film Nocturnal Animals, including Amy Adams, Jake Gyllenhaal and Armie Hammer, into tip-top shape (yes, she's even named in the end credits). "The goal with them was to make sure they all looked good on film, so we did a lot of elongating posture-focused exercises," elaborated the expert.

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What worked for these A-listers might not necessarily work for you though. A session with the former Ukrainian gymnast is one on one: It's part workout, part chiropractic realignment, part deep-stretching class, and no one appointment is the same. "I can sense the client's alignment needs the second they walk in," said Nonna. So, for instance, if a client sits at a desk all day or has an injury they have to rehab, Nonna customizes the hour to fit those needs.

"Regardless of your goal, simple, small movements are always best. Believe it or not, those are the ones that are going to change the shape of your body for real," shared Nonna.

Want to learn a few of Nonna's signature moves (which she also happens to share with her many other celeb clients like Samuel L. Jackson, Natalie Portman and Kerry Washington)? Keep reading!

Celebrity Fitness Stars

Kneeling Side-Leg Kicks 


Step 1: Start kneeling on your right knee, place your right arm directly under your shoulder and place your left arm on your head. 

Step 2: Make sure your hips are tucked and you're squeezing your abs.

Step 3: Straighten your top leg, point your toes and lift as high as your leg will stretch up toward the ceiling.

Step 4: Return your leg parallel to the floor.

Step 5: Point your leg out toward the front of the room and return back to center.

Step 6: Now point your leg toward the back of the room and, again, return to center.

Step 7: Lower your leg to the starting position. Alternate this sequence 15 times for three sets on each side.

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Abs and Thigh Teaser


Step 1: Start laying down with your feet firmly planted on the floor and your arms stretched above your head. 

Step 2: Put your right leg in the air, keeping your thighs parallel.

Step 3: Gently roll up, vertebra by vertebra, bringing your hands with you until you can touch your toes with your hands.

Step 4: Sit up straight and position your hands above you in the air.

Step 5: Twist to your left side, bringing your hands with you.

Step 6: Return to center with your hands in the air and roll back down to starting position.

Step 7: Repeat the sequence 10 times for three sets, switching to your left leg with a right-side twist, also 10 times for three sets.

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Bootylicious Hamstring Exercise 


Step 1: Start laying flat on your back with your feet firmly planted on the ground. 

Step 2: Keeping your shoulders on the ground, roll up, vertebra by vertebra, hoisting your hips up into a bridge position.

Step 3: Squeezing your booty, lower your hips halfway down and thrust back up.

Step 4: In bridge, return to a flat foot then lift your heels for a beat, return back to flat foot and then lower your bridge back down halfway.

Step 5: Return back to bridge with a flat foot.

Step 6: Holding your bridge, lift just your toes this time, return to a flat foot and then lower back down half way.

Step 7: Repeat this sequence 15 times for three sets.

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Deltoid Arm Wrap


Step 1: Sit up straight and place your arms out into a T-shape position with your palms facing down. 

Step 2: Engaging your arms, back and chest, twist your arms so that your palms now face up.

Step 3: Return palms to the downward facing position and keep twisting your arms back until your palms face the back.

Step 4: Return your palms to face up.

Step 5: Keeping your chest up and shoulders down, draw your elbows into your sides and return to a T-shape with your palms still facing up.

Step 6: Return to the start (where your palms are facing down) and repeat this sequence 10 times for three sets.

Look at you—you're looking red-carpet ready already!