Ed Sheeran Has a New BFF in the Making: Katy Perry

"Shape of You" crooner crashes her pre-Brit Awards radio interview

By Francesca Bacardi Feb 23, 2017 1:44 PMTags

Before performing at the 2017 Brit Awards Wednesday, Katy Perry had some other work to do.

The "Chained to the Rhythm" singer stopped by BBC Radio 1 for a pre-award show interview, but Ed Sheeran decided to interrupt. The "Castle on the Hill" crooner crashed her interview, and it became immediately clear that these two could be best friends. Immediately these two recalled the first time they met, and it wasn't the best of first impressions. Both pop stars met after Sheeran had played a gig in Torono, leaving him incredibly sweaty. Perry was grossed out, but seeing as he's become one of the biggest musicians on the planet, she has since changed her tune.

"Now that you're Ed Sheeran it's like put your ball sack on me," Perry joked. "But then he was like Ed Sheeran this guy with red hair. [His sweat's] got DNA in it!"

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After that they began to bond over all their Grammys losses. This year they'll have another opportunity to be at the Grammys together, as Katy noted (in a fake British accent), "We'll be in the same Grammys cycle together!"

Clearly, these two have already been through thick and thin together but have managed to laugh the entire way. All jokes aside, Perry and Sheeran were both excited for the Brit Awards—or the British Grammys as Sheeran said—where they'd both be performing their latest hits.

"It's something weird. Not weird I wouldn't say weird," Perry began. "It's a funny feeling when you leave your home and you do these shows that are so big to everyone else but you're like, 'I don't know really what any of this means.'"

A Brit, Sheeran understood the importance of the Brit Awards, but both agreed they were already thinking to how they'd feel after the after-parties—spoiler alert: not great.

Both Sheeran and Perry recalled the last time they partied in the U.K. and realized they both have had rough times. Here's to hoping they survived the craziness Wednesday night!