Lisa Marie Presley Ordered to Pay $50,000 to Cover Ex Michael Lockwood's Legal Fees Amid Divorce Drama

She was ordered to cover his legal fees temporarily, as they two pursue a legal split that has seen her accuse him of sexual misconduct

By Corinne Heller, Alli Rosenbloom Feb 22, 2017 8:06 PMTags

A judge has ordered Lisa Marie Presley to cover the legal fees of estranged husband Michael Lockwood, father of their twin daughters, as the two pursue a divorce case in which she has accused her ex of sexual misconduct.

She had recently filed court documents opposing her ex's request for her to pay him spousal support and cover his attorney fees, following her 2016 divorce filing. A judge said Wednesday she must pay $50,000 to cover her ex's legal fees over a course of five months, until a trial takes place to determine the validity of a post-nuptial agreement they signed after their 2006 marriage, which details divorce terms.

For the time being, she does not need to pay spousal support, of which Michael had demanded $40,000 a month. 

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She also stated that she had found him to possess "hundreds of inappropriate photos of children and is facing allegations of sexual abuse and neglect." Michael has not been charged with a crime and said in response he is "disgusted" that she "described unproven allegations" about him in her filing.

Lisa Marie had also said in the documents that their twins are "temporarily under the care of DCFS [Department of Child and Family Services]" and that a separate trial on the allegations is set to take place in March. Days later, her mother Priscilla Presley denied reports that said the kids were put in foster care and said the twins have been with her.

Both Lisa Marie and Michael appeared in person in court Wednesday. She wore sunglasses most of the time and was spotted with a man and a woman. She cringed as Michael walked by her after the hearing, E! News has learned. 

Michael's attorney had said in court his client has no income and cannot afford his legal fees. Lisa Marie's lawyer had argued she should not have to cover them, as she was in debt, has no assets and receives $104,000 a month from her inheritance from late father Elvis Presley's estate for living expenses, most of which go to her kids. He added that she is currently living with her daughter Riley Keough, one of two kids she shares with ex-husband Danny Keough.

Lisa Marie's lawyer also said Michael, a guitarist, could very look for work and income by getting a job at a "Guitar Center" or by giving music lessons and accused him of choosing not to look for employment.

He declined to comment about the twins when asked by reporters.