Why Hoda Kotb Named Her Baby Girl Haley Joy

Today co-anchor announced her adoption news Tuesday morning

By Francesca Bacardi Feb 21, 2017 3:56 PMTags

New mom Hoda Kotb can't help but gush about her adorable baby girl Haley Joy Kotb!

The Today co-anchor introduced the newest member of her family Tuesday on the morning show but then returned in the fourth hour to dish a little more about her daughter. Talking to her best friend, Kathie Lee Gifford, and Jenna Bush Hager, Hoda explained how she decided name her newborn after Halley's comet, which can be seen from Earth every seven years.

"It was one of those things. I just picture her sailing through the sky," Hoda gushed.

Haley's name also continues an alliteration Hoda shares with her sister, Hala, and a niece, Hannah. As for her middle name, Hoda said it's all about the emotion she and boyfriend Joel Schiffman feel about her.

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"She brings us joy," Hoda cooed. "She's got a beautiful way about her."

Naturally, KLG and Jenna (and us!) were brought to the happiest of tears. Shortly after Hoda shared her wonderful news, she posted a quote on Instagram. "And then my soul saw you and it kind of went 'Oh there you are. I've been looking for you.'"

Hoda's colleagues couldn't contain their excitement after the news went wide.

"This little girl Haley is the luckiest girl in the world," Matt Lauer said.

"You were made to be a mom," Gifford added.

Congratulations to Hoda and Joel!

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