Maybe we should consider scorpions for our next side dish.

Angelina Jolie is a woman of many talents. Whether it's acting on the big screen, creating powerful change for deserving causes or being a hands-on mom around the world, the A-list star deserves some credit.

But perhaps another skill fans don't know about is the simple realization that Angelina is not afraid to eat some bugs.

While enjoying some local cuisine in Cambodia with BBC's Yalda Hakim, Angelina and her children decided to taste some adventurous food that may not be as intimidating as we first thought.

"It's actually really good, the flavor," the actress shared in the video while eating an assortment of bugs. "It's hard to chew, the scorpion."

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"I first had them when I was first in country," she continued. "Crickets—you start with crickets. Crickets and a beer and then you kind of move up to tarantulas."

During the segment, Angelina showed twins Knox and Vivienne how to cook up some spiders. Hint: You have to take the fangs out.

Later on, Vivienne helped mom throw them in the skillet for some added flavor. We know, it's casual.

And while some fans of the actress would say "heck no" if they were offered a taste, Angelina says most of the shock has gone away.   

"I think it's always been a part of the diet, the bugs," the First They Killed My Father director admitted. "But then I think there is a truth to the survival during the war of course. When people were being starved, they were able to survive on things like this and they did."

So, what's for dinner folks?

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