Taking a trip down memory lane has never been more shocking.

Lifetime aired Britney Ever After, the highly anticipated made-for-TV movie about Britney Spears' rise, fall and rise again Saturday night, and it made sure to include all of Brit Brit's highest and tragic notes. While it certainly skimmed over some moments—you never actually saw her pregnant, for example—the project did manage to make us smile, tear up and gasp all at the same time, despite knowing how the story turns out. Even though Britney fans know her story in and out, watching it all over again certainly induced some emotions.

In case you didn't see it, E! News is recapping the biggest bombshell moments from Lifetime's project. 

Britney Ever After, Britney Spears


Here is the list (spoilers ahead, obviously):

1. "They'd never let me do that.": The opening scene started with a bang. It opened with Britney (Natasha Bassett) filming her new documentary and without hesitating she admitted that she doesn't control her life, seemingly referring to the conservatorship her father has over her.

2. Reg Jones: Before Justin Timberlake, there was Reg. As soon as it became clear that the "...Baby One More Time" songstress was on the rise, Britney's mother, Lynne Spears, encouraged her to hide him from the press. As quickly as Reg arrived, he departed.

Britney Ever After


3. The Dinner at the DinerAfter Britney opened for 'N Sync, she and the band went to dinner at a nearby diner with her parents, Lynne and Jamie Spears. Her father's credit card was declined, and he exploded. It was a sign for the tempestuous relationship that would ensue in part due to his alcoholism.

4. The Surprise Birthday Party: It wasn't the party that was shocking, but what took place afterwards. Innocent Britney went from a southern charmer to sitting alone smoking a cigarette. Only a few minutes later did JT arrive to share their first kiss and swap "I love yous" and seemingly have sex. It went from zero to 60 in no time at all.

Britney Ever After


5. The Beach: Jamie's alcoholism became fully apparent in this scene, where Britney tells her mother to corral him inside so he doesn't get "spotted by a tabloid". In the same scene the group went back to their house only to discover they've been robbed...and Britney and Justin's "boudoir tapes" taken.

6. The ClubThis is where fans got their first glimpse of Brit Brit's sass. When Justin took too long to come back with the drinks, Britney went to check on him, only to discover him flirting with a woman at the bar. "Stay away from him, skank," Britney said. Naturally, Justin got mad and Britney fired back, "I'm not the one slipping in the charts." Burn.

7. The Finalized Divorce: When Lynne told Britney that her divorce from Jamie was finalized, Britney wasn't handling it too well despite knowing it was "a long time coming". Lynne's reaction, however, was what shocked us. "I don't want this to push you into one of your funks," Lynne told her daughter. If that's really how it went down, we're sure she regrets it. But Britney, who at this point was broken up with Justin, ended up back at the club shortly after calling her ex for some moral support. It's there she runs into him with another woman, and he fired at her, "Get over it. I did." 

It was vicious.

Britney Ever After


8. 2003 VMAs: Poor Larry Rudolph. Britney's past and current manager had it rough for a little while, and this was the beginning of it all. After Britney famously kissed Madonna at the award show, she walked off stage only to hear Larry advising her to cut the partying a bit. She had found out Justin was now dating Cameron Diaz, and she wasn't pleased. "Your checks are still going to clear if I have a little fun," she snapped. Sorry, Larry.

9. Jason Alexander: Perhaps what was most surprising about this scene was how they didn't actually show you Britney marrying her hometown friend. Instead, she just woke up next to him. To be fair, it seemed like she didn't remember it.

Natasha Bennett, Britney Ever After


10. Kevin Federline's Introduction"Did you hear that his nickname was 'Meat Pole'?" - Felicia "Fe" Culotta, Brit Brit's longtime assistant and friend. Need we say more?

11. Britney Nearly Drops Baby Sean Preston: Trying to balance a coffee and her son, Britney nearly dropped her baby boy. Just watching a fictional rendition again is still hard to swallow.

12. The Moment She Shaved Her Head: Needs no commentary or explanation.

13. Sam LutfiBritney's manager during Larry's absence didn't get portrayed in the best light, and basically acted like a kidnapper trying to control her every move in order to take advantage of her. Every scene he was in was cringeworthy and shocking.

Despite revisiting the many low points of Britney's tumultuous career, Britney Ever After did highlight her comeback and her continued success, including her Las Vegas residency. And as all fans know, Britney is absolutely killing it these days with sold out shows, new music and a new beau!

Did you watch Britney Ever After? Sound off in the comments.

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