There's a baby boom in The Hills.

After Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port separately announced their pregnancies in January and February, Heidi Montag recently decided to discuss her own family plans. "It seems like 2017 is the year to get pregnant, so first and foremost, a huge congratulations to my former co-stars, Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port, who are both expecting," she told Faithwire this week. "I think that pregnancy and children are one of the biggest blessings that God gives us in our life."

Addressing Conrad and Port directly, Montag gushed, "You're both going to be amazing moms."

Given that The Hills' Kristin Cavallari is a proud mother of three and Audrina Patridge has a daughter, it seems as if Montag has is coming down with a case of baby fever. "I have been planning my own family and I am very excited for them," she said of Conrad and Port. "It stirs up excitement with what's going to be coming up in my life—hopefully soon, too...Obviously, I have been wanting children and I am excited for it, but it hasn't been the right timing for me."

Montag married Spencer Pratt in 2009. Though she's often spoken about her desire to start a family, she's leaving it up to God. "I think in life it's important for us to pray and to prioritize God's timing in our lives and not compare it other people's," Montag said. "We're all different and we all have different things going on and different priorities and different purposes in life."

"As excited as I am for them, I'm also excited for me that it hasn't happened yet," Montag continued. "I think it's important to keep moving forward in the direction that God has for us."

As she constantly battles "fear and worry," Montag is relying on her faith to give her strength. "It's great when other people get things, and I think it's important to truly be happy for them and not to compare yourself," she explained. "2017's going to be a great year—the best year!"

Perhaps it'll also be the year Pratt shares his wife's feelings about starting a family. In the 2013 E! special Heidi & Spencer: After Shock, he argued, "I wouldn't want to be Spencer Pratt's kids." The reason, he said, was that he wanted to rehabilitate their public images before procreating.

When the couple appeared on WE tv's Marriage Boot Camp two years later, Montag argued that having children was "time sensitive" and asked Pratt to reconsider his reservations. "We're doing Marriage Boot Camp because we are not seeing eye-to-eye about children," she said. But Pratt had his own reasons for returning to reality TV: "I'm only on Boot Camp because I had a hope that two professionals would tell her, 'You need to just relax,'" he said. Later, he added, "It's not what I want; it's what I don't want. Heidi wants to have kids, like, yesterday. Heidi is baby, nutzo crazy, and all she thinks about and talks about is babies—90 percent of the time."

Pratt added, "She knew from the jump that I was in no hurry to have children."

But after nearly eight years of marriage, Montag's biological clock is ticking. "I am getting ready to be a mom, hopefully next year," she told Faithwire in 2016. "So, that is going to be my main priority and full-time job." It took a many conversations and multiple prayers to get Pratt on board, she admitted: "You know I had to pray to get my husband to even agree to have a kid."

"It is not so easy—not everyone can just have kids whenever they want, you know?" she told Faithwire. "There's a lot of hardship and prayers and certain things you have to put into that."

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