Selena Gomez and Kygo Release New Single "It Ain't Me"

It's the pop star's first single in about a year

By Francesca Bacardi Feb 16, 2017 3:09 PMTags

It's here!

After some teases, Selena Gomez and Kygo finally dropped their highly anticipated new collaboration "It Ain't Me". The track is definitely a more mature-sounding work for Selena, whose most recent songs have combined a sultry-sexy tune. The Norwegian DJ perfectly balances Selena's soft vocals with increasing intensity of guitar strums and piano notes.

Despite the upbeat nature of the beat, Selena's lyrics narrate a sad story about a relationship that falls apart because of alcoholism. "We were sipping whisky neat / Highest floor, the Bowery / And I was high enough / 'Somewhere along the lines / We stopped seeing eye to eye / You were staying out all night / And I had enough," she sings. 

"Who's gonna walk you through the dark side of the morning? / Who's gonna rock you when the sun won't let you sleep? / Who's waking up to drive you home when you're drunk and all alone? / Who's gonna walk you through the dark side of the morning? / It ain't me."

This is Selena's first song in about a year, serving as a follow-up to her collaboration with Charlie Puth "We Don't Talk Anymore". "It Ain't Me" also comes shortly after her boyfriend, The Weeknd, dropped a verse on a Nav's song "Some Way."

Fans wondered if The Weeknd's verse was a dig at Justin Bieber's bedroom skills: "I think your girl, think your girl, fell in love with me. She say my f--k and my tongue game a remedy."

Fans will probably wonder if Selena's lyrics are also talking about her ex-boyfriend. Regardless, the song sounds like it's guaranteed to be a hit, so listen to it above and tell us what you think in the comments!