We're just going to guess that no one in the Hughes family is going to be invited back to the Grammys any time soon. 

In this week's episode of Life in Pieces, Tim (Dan Bakkedahl) gets backstage passes to the Grammys, thanks to his patient, singer Charlie Puth. He takes his daughter, Samantha (Holly Barrett), in order to impress her, but in our exclusive sneak peek above, she seems a lot more mortified than impressed when a leather-clad Tim sneaks them into Puth's dressing room and starts breaking things and singing about his underwear (which is plaid). 

Then, Puth shows up, and things only get worse from there. 

Life in Pieces


If we were Charlie Puth, we would probably have been a little more astounded to find our doctor in our dressing room, holding our broken guitar from Paul McCartney, but we are not Charlie Puth, so what do we know? 

Elsewhere in this week's episode, titled, "Facebook Fish Planner Backstage," Matt (Thomas Sadoski) and Colleen (Angelique Cabral) struggle with their offbeat wedding planner (guest star Lyle Lovett) while John (James Brolin) and Joan (Dianne Wiest) join Facebook in order to keep up with their kids. Meanwhile, Heather (Betsy Brandt) "manically" tries to save a dying goldfish. 

Life in Pieces airs Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. on CBS.

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