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Nearly seven years after the final episode of The Hills aired, it appears all the alumni have taken a step into the next chapters of their lives.

No, we're not talking about any new reality shows, but rather their life beyond the cameras, at home with their loved ones.

For example, Whitney Port just announced she's pregnant last week, while Lauren Conrad broke the news in January. Obviously, Kristen Cavallari is busy with her brood of three little ones, and Audrina Patridge gave birth to her baby girl in June of last year.

Now, Audrina is opening up about what it's like watching everyone reach such major milestones.

The PREY SWIM swimsuit designer chatted with E! News at 102.7 KIISFM's Pick Your Purse Party and dished about Lauren and Whitney's announcements. "It was amazing. Finally! The five main Hills girls are all married or pregnant or moms," she said, including Heidi Montag, who married Spencer Pratt in 2009.

"It's awesome. We're all on the same page now," she continued. "It's really cool. I congratulated Whitney. And Lauren, she's going to be such a good mom. I'm really happy for them. Being a mom is the best thing in the world so I'm really excited for them."

Speaking of motherhood and babies, Audrina can't help but gush about her daughter, Kirra.

"She just started crawling. She's trying to talk. She's crawling all over the place," the former reality star dished. "She can stand up on her own and walk around the coffee table. She's growing up way too fast."

One of Audrina's favorite things is watching the baby's connection with her daddy (and Audrina's husband), Corey Bohan.

"Kirra loves her daddy, and it's so funny whenever dads do baby talk," she said. "Whenever he gets all baby talk with her, I just sit there. It's so funny yet so cute."

But babies and hubbies aside, the brunette beauty has been busy with her swimwear line.

"This is a daily part of my life, seven days a week, I live and breathe this," she explained. "It's a full time job. I didn't just slap my name on it. I'm doing the business side of things and the creative side of things. My hands are in every part of it so it definitely keeps me busy."

Audrina Patridge, Bikini


And that's why it's already seen success! In fact, Kristen recently gushed about how much she loves the line.

"I sent her a few, and she wrote to me saying, 'I'm not just telling you this because you're my friend, but I'm obsessed. They fit me so perfectly,'" Audrina recalled. "It's rewarding. It makes me feel so good inside. All the hard work I put into it has come to life."

In the future, the designer is looking to include a few items for babies.

"That's what we are working on. I'm just doing a small amount for kids, for babies, for little girls and maybe one for a little boy," she said. "Just to see, I have to do it for Kirra!"

Finally, just to clear up one final rumor, Audrina says she won't be joining the Real Housewives of Orange County.

"I talk to Meghan King Edmonds. My dad is friends with her husband and that's how we know each other but as far as joining the show, that's false," she said. "It's fun to watch but it's just a little catty. Family, the swim line—that's my main focus. I'm not ready for a reality show right now."

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