Blake Lively Shares Her Valentine's Day Plans With Ryan Reynolds

"He's the luckiest man ever," the L'Oréal Paris brand ambassador tells E! News

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Watch: Blake Lively Talks Valentine's Day Plans With Ryan Reynolds

Blake Lively is all about female empowerment.

The actress curated L'Oréal Paris' "Galentine's Day" party Monday as part of New York Fashion Week. "L'Oréal told me this idea they had to have a Valentine's event with your gals—your best girlfriends," she told E! News' Zanna Roberts Rassi. "I thought, 'Right now, more than ever, it's so great that women are coming together and supporting each other and building each other up.' I got a little too involved. I said, 'I don't really just want to show up. I sort of want to plan it.' It's a lot more fun to plan a party when it's not on your dime. I changed the party a bit."

Joined by her sister Robyn Lively, Blake said her "favorite" part of the party was a special wall. "It says 'I am worth ________,'" she said. "Every woman here gets to write what they're worth."

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Blake was feeling especially festive in her Simpson dress ("I just love her stuff!"), Anita Ko earrings and Christian Louboutin heels. Plus, the actress revealed, "I stole the L'Oréal lipsticks!"

The event was especially meaningful for Blake. "This is the first time in my lifetime where I have been aware of a women's worth being questioned. I know it happens all the time everywhere, but I never felt it," the actress explained. "It's made me so much more aware and empathetic to the challenges that women face always, because I've been really fortunate. I think it's just so important that we come together and build each other up—and that we remind women of their value. It's really beautiful to see women come together. It's something I've never seen."

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Blake was feeling the love at the party, and she plans to spread that love throughout the week. As for how she plans to celebrate Valentine's Day, Blake told E! News, "Hopefully we're not still here—that would be a problem. Very bad!" With two young daughters to look after, neither Blake nor Ryan Reynolds has done much to prepare: "We haven't really planned anything yet."

Given that Ryan has three Valentines this year, Blake added, "Oh, he's the luckiest man ever." The couple actually has four Valentine's this year, as Robyn is staying with them in upstate New York. "I got to borrow her from her husband," the Shallows actress explained, "so we all share."

"My family is everything," Blake said. "I'm still waiting for her to have a sister for her daughter."

"Oh, gosh!" Robyn replied. "It's not happening."

But Blake is a big believer in sisterhood. As the actress told E! News, "It's really important."

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