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Ahead of James Corden's big Grammys-hosting debut, we had a few hints as to what would be going down. We knew that he wasn't going to dare try a duet with any of the nominated performers, much to his adoring fans' disappointment. ("No one wants to see that," he told E! News' Will Marfuggi at the show's preview earlier this week. "That would be tragic.") We knew that he would wear a fancy suit. We knew that he was looking forward to a George Michael tribute. 

But beyond that, the public was largely in the dark about what was in store once the curtain came up on the Staples Center stage. 

The 2017 Grammys kicked off not with the host, but with his buddy Adele, singing a flawless rendition of "Hello." While we would watch a 3.5 hour reel of that song, Corden was pretty flawless himself. He made his grand entrance with a dance number gone hilariously awry, trips and falls and missing shoes and all. 

"This is a disaster!" He riffed as he called off the dance routine. "We have rehearsed this! We cannot allow these sort of mistakes...this is the Grammys, people!"

Of course, nothing with James Corden is ever a true disaster: It was all a masterfully choreographed and rehearsed bit. It then cut to a Hamilton-like rap instead of a traditional monologue, with Corden turning practically blue in the face to get all the lyrics out. There may be no other Lin Manuel Miranda, but we think he did a pretty good imitation. The host churned out lines like "You realize your fate was destined for Grammys, no time for mistakes/ I came in real late, this was my big break/ It's just the first segment, it can still be great."

He made some self-effacing jokes about his late-night show's time slot: "I knew all along I'm in over my head, I'm just not that strong/ I'm more 12:30, primetime is just wrong." 

He made some jokes about the artists in the building: "Beyoncé performing, the Queen is here dummy/ She'll slay the whole stage with twins in her tummy." 

He made some jokes about Hollywood's favorite star-crossed lovers: "Rihanna and Drake, they each can win eight/ They sound good together, I think they should date." 

He made some jokes about the current administration: "Live it all up because this is the best/ With President Trump, who knows what comes next." 

His monologue rap then turned political, surprising exactly no one. ""We sit here tonight no matter our race, where we were born or color or face," rapped Corden. "We're using this art, remembered forever/ And we can survive just by sticking together." 

Preach, James Corden. Preach. 

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