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Surprise announcements were made this month about couples Beyoncé and Jay-Zand George Clooney and Amal Clooney each expecting twins, but while the pairs are drawing equal amounts of media attention, they will likely raise their kids very differently.

Bey announced her pregnancy via a record-breaking Instagram photo of her baby bump on Feb. 1. George and Amal have said nothing at all about their upcoming arrivals. Friend Julie Chen confirmed their big news on the air Thursday while co-hosting her CBS talk show The Talk. The two methods may mark a sign of what's to come.

Beyoncé and Jay Z welcomed daughter Blue Ivy Carterin January 2012. When she was a month old, the first approved photo of her was posted on her mother's personal website, which would become the singer's platform of choice for most of her photo and video posts of her family.

George and Amal, an international human rights attorney, have no personal websites nor social media accounts. It is expected that any approved photos of their twins will be released via the old-fashioned method—magazines or major talk shows—if at all.

No social media posts—no room for direct online harassment directed towards them or their family, which is what Beyoncé and other celebs are subjected to daily.

The singer has not commented on any nasty posts and continues to occasionally post photos of her daughter online.

Blue Ivy is more than just a social media star—she is a household name and even has the opportunity to profit from the use of it. Her parents had it trademarked for commercial apparel use. The two, whose own names are trademarked, had attempted to secure a trademark for their daughter's first name but were blocked by the owner of a Wisconsin boutique that already owns it.

George and Amal do not possess trademarks to their names.

Blue Ivy is also already a music artist, technically. When she was less than a week old, Blue Ivy broke a record to become the youngest person to appear on a Billboard music chart. While Beyoncé and Jay Z enjoyed the first few days with their then-newborn baby, he released a track called "Glory," which features sounds made by their daughter.

When she was almost 2, Blue Ivy made her music video debut in her mom's "Blue" clip. Last year, at age 4, Blue Ivy made her music video debut in her mother's "Formation" clip, which shows her displaying some sassy moves. 

Blue Ivy also stole the show onstage when she made her big public debut at the 2014 MTV VMAs, showcasing some even sassier moves while watching her mom perform. She and Jay Z presented the singer with an award and Blue Ivy won over the audience's hearts when she said, "Good job, Mommy!"

The child had actually made her unofficial VMAs debut at the 2011 ceremony, where Beyoncé was pregnant with her and showcased her baby bump for the first time.

In 2016, Bey brought the child along to the VMAs again, where the two struck fierce poses on the red carpet.

The sounds and moves the Clooney twins will make when they are young will likely be mostly made in the privacy of their parents' homes.

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And that's the main issue: Privacy.

While both couples are notoriously private and Bey and Jay have been diligent in keeping Blue Ivy away from photographers, George and Amal are more likely to avoid drawing unwarranted public attention by continuing to stay off social media in general, shielding both themselves and their twins from potential trolls, who could cause emotional harm to all family members no matter who they target.

However, the Clooney twins and Bey and Jay's twins do have some things in common. They will all likely be well-traveled, collecting several stamps on their passports before they begin the first grade. George films movies around the world, while Amal is often invited for speaking engagements in different countries. Beyoncé and Jay Z occasionally go on tour.

In fact, the couples' twins could also be raised in different countries; George and Amal have several homes, including a country mansion in England. She works in London. Beyonce and Jay Z have homes in both New York and Los Angeles. While all the kids are likely to attend private schools, British education is notoriously stricter. However, if George and Amal do raise their children in London, they could opt to send them to an American school.

Also, all the twins will all probably sport stylish looks; Both Beyonce and Amal are fashionistas and designers love to dress them. They will likely want to dress their littlest loves in adorable baby couture.

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