Alec Baldwin, Jimmy Fallon, The Tonight Show


Who can lie better?

That's the name of the game on The Tonight Show's "Box of Lies," and both Jimmy Fallon and guest Alec Baldwin proved they can improvise with the best of them. The rules are simple: each person pulls an object out of a box and has to either describe it or lie about it to his opponent.

First up was the 30 Rock alum, who pulled out a giant red gummy bear that was swaddled in a blanket and had a binky in its mouth. Given the ridiculous nature of the item, Baldwin opted to tell the truth and describe it exactly as is thinking there was no way Fallon could guess that he was telling the truth—and Baldwin was right.

"That is a lie!" Fallon declared.

"Eat this, Jimmy Fallon," Baldwin responded, showing off the bear.

Next, Fallon pulled out an olive-stuffed surgical glove that was outfitted with an engagement ring—details! "If we don't get the Emmy this year, we've done something horribly wrong," Fallon joked once he saw his strange object.

Fallon opted to lie. "Shavings of a pickle in the shape of a welcome mat," Fallon said. "The word on the mat is 'ermegerg welcome.'"

"Liar!" Baldwin declared.

And that's when the President Donald Trump impressions began. "It's the grossest thing I've ever seen in my entire life," Fallon said in his best Trump voice.

Baldwin then pulled out a wookie mask with a blond wig and described it using his now-famous Saturday Night Live Trump impersonation. "Jimmy, it's a burrito," Baldwin said. "It's a really big, fat, juicy burrito filled with bananas. It's a banana burrito."

Watch the video to see how "Box of Lies" plays out.

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