Drew Barrymore's Daughter Olive Has a Meltdown at Disney World

"You push it enough, because you're like, 'I'm here! Let's skip the nap! Let's go, go, go!'" she says

By Zach Johnson Feb 10, 2017 1:30 PMTags

Everyone has their limits—especially young children.

Three weeks ago, Drew Barrymore, 41, took her daughters Olive Kopelman, 5, and Frankie Kopelman, 2, to Disney World. The trio had a blast visiting the "Most Magical Place on Earth," as they met Cinderella and enjoyed many of the attractions at the Magic Kingdom theme park.

"Frankie, every day since we've gone there, wants to go to Disney World," the star of Netflix's The Santa Clarita Diet admitted on NBC's Late Night With Seth Meyers Thursday. "I try to talk to her rationally, like, 'But we have to go to Delta at LaGuardia and get back on the plane and go to Orlando. It's going to be hard to get to Disney World now.'" Drew added that her little girls "are so crazy about it—it was the best experience ever. I just had tears of joy seeing their joy."

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Seth Meyers' son Ashe Meyers is only 10 months old, so Drew gave the host a warning: "If you've ever taken your kid to Disneyland or Disney World, it all ends at some point in mayhem."

To prove her point, she offered photographic evidence of Olive throwing a tantrum in Tomorrowland. "That is a legitimate picture of my daughter just losing it on the floor," she said. "In this case, she wanted to chase a duck or an Egret—it was Florida, so some interesting bird. Maybe a Disney employee, maybe not—maybe wild. But Olive was determined to catch it."

"In hindsight, as a parent you have these revelations like, 'I should have let her catch it,'" the actress said. "Because she either would have and been satisfied, or she wouldn't have [caught it] and been mad at the duck—and not her mom, who tried to stop her from chasing the bird."


Drew added, "I say just let 'em chase it and see what happens."

Olive also had a meltdown at Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif., and Drew once again showed proof. "This is her losing it at Disneyland—because it all ends up there," she said. "You push it enough, because you're like, 'I'm here! Let's skip the nap! Let's go, go, go!' You want to maximize it. This is how it always ends for me." Children's tantrums "come at the most interesting times," the actress added. "You cannot predict [when they will be]. I think you should have 10 consistent tools in your arsenal. It's either the tender loving approach or the 'I'm very serious' approach."

Seth joked, "I like your approach which is, 'A photo op.'"

Jokes aside, she thanked Disney World "for making dreams come true" by sharing an Instagram picture of herself with Cinderella. "My daughters were on a cloud. A big puffy princess cloud."