All is well in the land of Alex Karev (Justin Chambers). 

After Bailey (Chandra Wilson) told Ben (Jason George) about Karev's plan to take the plea deal and go to jail, Ben told DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti), and DeLuca kindly dropped the charges. That's why, at the end of last week's episode, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) finally found Alex asleep in his bed, and that's also why Bailey has now reinstated Karev in his job at the hospital. 

He even had a chance to talk things out with DeLuca, who said that if Karev had simply talked to him like a human being and maybe apologized, none of this would have had to happen. 

And then, Jo (Camilla Luddington) showed up at the house, and they hugged. That's all they did, but they said a lot in that hug. And so Alex is fine, and back at work. 

Meredith, however, has been suspended, and April (Sarah Drew) has replaced her as interim chief of surgery, all thanks to this annoying business with Richard's (James Pickens Jr.) replacement as the head of the residency program. 

Everybody was refusing to allow Dr. Minnick (Marika Dominczyk) to bring her students into their OR because they were supporting Dr. Webber, but Bailey didn't do anything until Meredith tried it. Since Meredith's the chief of surgery, Meredith got suspended, and replaced (for now) by April. 

Meanwhile, Minnick is hoping this all works itself out soon or that she gets fired, because she seems to want to date Arizona. 

We, on the other hand, just want everyone to understand what's going on so we can move on from all this passive aggression. It is getting old. 

Grey's Anatomy, Season 13


Finally, we met Maggie's mother tonight, who was interested in a plastic surgery consult to see if she could get rid of something weird on her skin. Maggie wanted her gone immediately, and kept apologizing to everyone for her mother even existing, even though her mother wasn't doing anything particularly embarrassing. 

Then, Maggie's mom was diagnosed (by Jackson) with a particularly aggressive form of breast cancer, and before she could tell her daughter, Maggie flipped out on her, calling her selfish. So mom flipped out back, and it was all very sad. 

Basically, congrats to Alex, but everyone else could do with a chill pill or two. 

Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on ABC. 

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