It's been a hard road for Bellamy Blake on The 100.  

You can say that about any character on the post-apocalyptic CW series, but season three found Bellamy, played by Bob Morley, aligning himself with Pike (Michael Beach) against the Grounders in an effort to get revenge for the death of his girlfriend, Gina (Leah Gibson) at the hands of the Ice Nation. He eventually joined the rebellion against the similarly revenge-bent Pike and helped Clarke take down the City of Light, but in season four, there are a lot of decisions he's still reeling over, and a lot more hard decisions to be made. 

"That's just what The 100 does," Morley tells E! News. "They like to put their characters in a position where no decision is the right one, you know? You have to kind of just hope that it works out." 

We hopped on the phone with Morley to find out exactly what kind of journey Bellamy is on this season, as he and Clarke attempt to save the world from the latest apocalypse.

E! News: Does Bellamy feel like he's redeemed himself yet, or is that still something he's trying to do? 
Morley: He's absolutely trying to redeem himself, and this last glimmer of hope that they have to maybe survive this death wave that's coming is the one thing that's keeping him going. I think he sees it as his ability to redeem himself for what he's done, if he can manage to pull this off, so I think he's willing to sacrifice everything he has in order to make that happen, in order to give everyone the best chance of surviving. So I think that's his mission his season is to try and do his best, whether it ends up being him dying or continuing to do that in order to try and save people, because he's carrying so much weight and guilt from season three and he hasn't really forgiven himself for it either. Kane is trying to impart that wisdom, saying you need to forgive yourself in order to make the right decisions from here on out. But whether he can is something that we're going to watch and see whether he can get past his own guilt. 

The 100, Bob Morley

The CW

What is it going to take for him to fully forgive himself? 
I think it's a tough situation. He's trying to save who he can save today, in this situation, and I don't know if there's any level of him where he feels like can repay people for what he had done. I think him being able to sacrifice himself for the others is the only thing that he feels like he's capable of doing right now. I feel like a place for him to find forgiveness is possibly as some sort of reconciliation with his sister [Octavia, played by Marie Avgeropoulos]. That's totally important to him. He used to be her hero when he was a kid. He used to give her piggyback rides and run her around, and in his eyes, and her eyes, he's no longer that man, and I think that's the only way he can really come back to mending himself. So I think that's the one thing that can really change him.

Well, Octavia's not the same woman, either, after killing Pike at the end of season three. 
Absolutely not. I think that's what's so heartbreaking about that situation is that she's going through almost the same thing Bellamy [went] through. She's going through those stages of wanting that bloodlust and revenge that Bellamy's been through, and tried to tell her that this isn't a good way to live, so you know, it's heartbreaking for him to watch his sister go through that. She has to do what's right for her at the time, but Bellamy, I think in a way, definitely feels responsible for what his sister's become. And it's hard for him to try and help her because she doesn't want to listen to him.

The 100, Bob Morley

The CW

Will we see them reconcile any time soon? 
Not anytime soon, definitely not. I don't even know when… It's a long road, and that's one thing I really like about the show. They'll give particular storylines a lot of air to grow and breathe, and you don't often see on TV.

What is Bellamy's relationship with Clarke like this season? 
They're definitely together in trying to keep everyone alive, but as we've seen, Bellamy and Clarke, they lead in very different ways and sometimes opposite ways. So that's obviously going to cause conflict, and that in itself is something that will force them either to grow together or kind of separate ways. I think it's a really interesting season for the two of them, and their roles in the group and their ideologies on saving everyone or saving who you can. It's about to get really blurred, and that grey area comes back into it. They definitely grow together, but they have different methods of leadership.

The 100, season 4

The CW

Will we see Bellamy develop a friendship with Roan [Zach McGowan] this season?
I don't know of like a friendship per se. They've definitely exchanged some blows, but he's the king, and Bellamy's kind of like a soldier, so Roan I think, he's designed for war but now he's in this kingship position, which isn't necessarily, I think, Roan's best skill. So I think he's more of a doer than a sit-down-and-delegate. Bellamy and Roan, I think in some respects are very very similar, but they're just in very different positions this year. But it is something that will come up throughout the season as well.

The 100 airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on the CW. 

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