Fire Ceremonies, Tears, Therapy Appointments: How Girls Cast Is Saying Goodbye to Their Characters

Exclusive! Lena Dunham, Allison Williams, Zosia Mamet and Jemima Kirke open up about their farewells

By Chris Harnick Feb 09, 2017 2:05 PMTags
Watch: How "Girls" Stars Said Goodbye to Their Characters

Playing the same character for a number of years and then having to say goodbye to that fictional skin you lived in is a different process for everybody. Just ask the cast of Girls.

"When I wrapped shooting the show I kind of said goodbye to [Marnie]," Allison Williams told E! News at the Girls season six premiere. "It's over this quick."

Did she do anything special? "No, I just burst into tears," she said. "It's really fast because one second you're doing a scene as this person you've been for six years and then when they say cut…that was it. It's gone. It's that ethereal."

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But it wasn't that simple for her costars.

"I didn't say goodbye to her," Zosia Mamet, Shoshanna on Girls, told us. "I don't know if I will. That's interesting. Maybe I'll have some weird fire ceremony in my backyard upstate. I think it's going to be a continuous process for sure."

Mamet said reuniting with her costars to do press for the final season has been hard and emotional, the most emotional it has been since they wrapped shooting. Her costar, Jemima Kirke, said her farewells to Jessa might be happening and she's unaware.

"I might be processing subconsciously and I might bring it up in therapy tomorrow because that's a really good question, ‘cause I didn't say goodbye," Kirke said.

As for creator and star Lena Dunham, Hannah will always be with her. "I was saying today that I kind of can't say goodbye to her because it's so deep in my DNA," she said.

Girls returns for its final season on Sunday, Feb. 12 at 10 p.m. on HBO. Watch the video above for more from the cast.