Aaron Taylor-Johnson Happy He Didn't Get an Oscar Nomination

"It would've felt a tad greedy to get a nom from them this time around," he says

By Zach Johnson Feb 08, 2017 1:20 PMTags
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They say it's an honor just to be nominated—but in Aaron Taylor-Johnson's case, it's better to be snubbed. In January, he was named Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture at the 2017 Golden Globes for his role in Nocturnal Animals, and he's up for a BAFTA Feb. 12. But when nominations for the 2017 Oscars were announced Jan. 24, his name was noticeably missing. As Taylor-Johnson admits, "There was relief when my wife told me that I hadn't been nominated."

Instead, his co-star Michael Shannon will compete against Moonlight's Mahershala Ali, Hell or High Water's Jeff Bridges, Manchester by the Sea's Lucas Hedges and Lion's Dev Patel. But Taylor-Johnson isn't jealous. "I didn't feel like, 'Oh, my PR team and his PR team are rivals. Who can get the best press? Who can get the best gossip about what the critics are really thinking?'" he tells Vulture. "Michael's been a gentleman. He's only ever congratulated me on my success."

Don't be mistaken: Taylor-Johnson hopes to win an Oscar someday. But for now, he's just happy to be involved in an award-worthy film. "An Academy Award is still something to work toward," he explains. "It would've felt a tad greedy to get a nom from them this time around."

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The award circuit wore him out, anyway. "Coming home from the Globes with an award was brilliant, but I've been promoting Nocturnal for six months," he says. "As an actor, you prefer to put that kind of energy into something creative. It was good to finally step off the train. You do kind of go, 'I'm losing my mind.'" Still, he recognizes the perks of being honored for his hard work and talent. "You know when you see trailers, and it'll say 'Golden Globe winner' and then the actor's name? That's awesome. It's like a stamp that says, 'This Is a Film With a Real Actor.'"

In time, he'll likely get better at doing press. "I'll never be Jennifer Lawrence or Tom Cruise, someone who can hold a movie and then be charming and charismatic doing promotion," he confesses. "I haven't got what they've got. But at least I'm now comfortable just being myself."

Taylor-Johnson doesn't have a new movie role lined up, as he wants to spend time with his wife and four daughters. But as offers roll in, the pressure to pick his next project will only intensify. "I know it'll blow over eventually, but there's been more meeting people from studios," he says. "It's an interesting position to be in where you're suddenly getting considered for projects."

Taylor-Johnson's goal is simple, he tells Vulture: "I want to work with great directors."

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