"There is a lot going on in the world right now—a whole lot."

What Ellen DeGeneres was referring to was one very famous woman with double the big news. "I could talk abut what happened on The Bachelor for instance. I could talk about what the president tweeted. But, I'm not gonna do that. Instead, I'm gonna talk about the most important story of the year—Beyoncé is pregnant."

With her signature playfulness, the comedian walked her audience through the Grammy winner's announcement photograph, which has since become the most liked photo on Instagram. 

"By the looks of that photo, she is pregnant with our savior," DeGeneres joked about the veiled Bey. "Before Beyoncé sat down to take that photo, those flowers were a dead pile of leaves and branches. As soon as she sat there, they came alive."

The photo was so intriguing, DeGeneres suddenly felt compelled to share her own bare bump. "Beyoncé is such an inspiration, so it inspired me to post my own photo," she explained. "Honestly, I'm not pregnant. That was after a big lunch I had."

As for a photo of Bey posed on top of a car, the host had one simple observation. "I heard that when you're pregnant, it does weird things to your body, but it destroys your car."

Plus, there's the photo of the future mother of three swimming while fully clothed. "Celebrities are just like us," DeGeneres pointed out. "They swim wearing golden scarves in pools of roses floating."


Courtesy of Beyonce

Jokes aside, the daytime talk show host expressed her gratitude to the pregnant star for the news. 

"Thank you for giving us something good to talk about," she said into the camera. "I don't know if this is possible but for the sake of our country please try to get pregnant at least once a month."

What do you say, Bey?

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