Woah, Verizon. Tell us how you really fell about your competitors. 

The cellphone company didn't hold back when T-Mobile and Sprint's commercials aired during the 2017 Super Bowl, taking to Twitter with some pretty harsh words for their commercials. It all started when the actor in Sprint's commercial faked his own death (by pushing his car over a cliff, no less) to get out a Verizon contract.

Consider shots absolutely fired, because Verizon followed up with its own video of a flaming care catapulting over a cliff with the caption, "Trying to do anything on @Sprint may push you over the edge. #SprintFails #SB51" Ouch.

Don't think Sprint was going to go down without a fight, because they responded, this time pointing out an error in Verizon's video upload skills. 

"@verizon if you weren't so expensive, that mannequin would still be alive...and don't think we didn't see that video #VerizonFails," Sprint tweeted back, referencing a screenshot of a since-deleted tweet Verizon shared of the wrong smack-talking video. 

As they say, don't mess with a brand's social media team. 

The misdirected Verizon video was actually meant for T-Mobile, whose Super Bowl "Unlimited Moves" ad starring Justin Bieber and Terrell Owens  also came under fire. "Here are some moves @tmobile doesn't want you to see. #UnlimitedMoves #SB51," Verizon tweeted, pointing out their competitor's different shortcomings.

T-Mobile had its own response, sharing on Twitter shortly after, "Hate to break it to you @KristenSchaaled, but #TMobileONE won't punish you with overages. #TheSafeWordisUnlimited"

"Yes @Tmobile, we're into BDSM. Bigger coverage map, Devastating Speed, and Massive capacity," Verizon shot back. Yikes.

One thing's for sure, when it comes to shade, Verizon knows how to throw it.

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