Everything is about to change on The Bachelor, according to host Chris Harrison

If you've felt like star Nick Viall hasn't had to make any truly tough decisions yet on this season of The Bachelor, you're not alone in thinking that. Chris Harrison agrees, but he also says that we're about to see things get much tougher for the (former) software salesman. 

"The next two weeks are massive," Harrison told E! News over the phone. "They are massive as far as emotion and the entire show changes and shifts in these two weeks. Nick has a very tough time coming up." 

Apparently, it's all thanks to a thrown wrench in the form of a date. 

"There's an extra date that we throw in, that we thought was a good thing," Harrison explains. "I think in the end it might be, but it definitely kind of rocks his boat a little bit. You'll see—there's a huge shift. He's kind of been cruising up to this point. He will be cruising no longer after this." 

Of course, Viall has had plenty of experience in the world of this show. He's been through The Bachelorette twice, and made it all the way to the end just before having his heart broken. It may seem like experience would be helpful, but Harrison doesn't necessarily think so. 

The Bachelor, Nick Viall


"Yes, from a producer's perspective, he's savvy and understands sometimes what we want in interviews and little things like that that really don't matter too much. They just make our lives a little easier," he says. "But as far as like, handling everything, I don't know if he was any better equipped to do this than anybody else. I really don't." 

In fact, Harrison thinks all of Nick's experience may have done the opposite of helping. 

"It actually may have hurt him, because he kind of was on cruise control a little bit," he tells us. "It wasn't at all that he wasn't sincere. He was very sincere, but I think he was just kind of cruising, and that's just not how this works. You can't go through the season on cruise control and then end up happily ever after." 

Hopefully, whatever happens in the next two weeks puts Nick back on track, because it's about time this guy gets some kind of happy ending. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC. 

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