Ansel Elgort, Thief Music Video


Ansel Elgort's latest musical endeavor will make you feel some type of away.

The actor-DJ released a new single "Thief" and dropped a very racy music video to accompany it. Co-starring his real-life girlfriend Violetta Komyshan, the music video will make your jaws drop and blush all at the same time.

Directed by Elgort's brother, Warren Elgort, (awkward?), the video features Ansolo and his love about to have sex, taking intimate showers and baths and plenty of abs to make you swoon—if you weren't already. The song itself is catchy and features lyrics about lost love and feeling absolutely zero regret.

"Call me a thief / There's been a robbery / I left with her heart / Tore it apart / Made no apologies," he croons. "Just call me a thief / She was on top of me / Then I left with her heart/ Broken and scarred / Made no apologies."

When Elgort and Komyshan aren't putting their real love on display, Elgort dances and slides his way through the video, as well as slowly-yet-seductively applies a black turtleneck—yes, somehow even putting on a turtleneck becomes an intimate affair. 

"Today is the day!" Elgort said in his Instagram story. "I'm so excited."

The Fault in Our Stars actor then asked his fans across the world to text each other about "Thief" and post screengrabs of the conversations on Instagram. In return, he'd "like" the photos.

Watch the music video above to check out Ansolo's latest (and sexiest) performance yet.

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