Corinne Olympios is playing defense.

Though The Bachelor's breakout contestant has mostly been the during her time on the show thus far, using whipped cream bikinis and bounce houses to gain Nick Viall's attention, the 24-year-old has no regrets about her behavior, even if it bothered the other women in the house.

After appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday, Corinne chatted with two of the show's producers on their Bachelor recap show about being dubbed the villain of season 21, without really doing anything wrong.

"I was getting a lot of attention from Nick. I was kind of, like, doing me and the girls were kind of getting really mad and started to ignore me, I was like, what am I doing?' Because I didn't do anything to anyone," she explained. "I had my time, you had your time, what's the problem? He's going to pick who he wants to pick. If you're being yourself in your time, you're being yourself in your time, just like I am.  I didn't understand why everyone was getting all worried and upset about me."

One of the major issues the women had with Corinne? She slept through a rose ceremony, after receiving a rose on an earlier date with Nick. (She also napped on a later date.) Of her controversial nap, Corinne defended herself, saying, "I was tired, I was just tired!

While some people questioned whether or not show producers encouraged some of Corinne's ideas, she says the whipped cream and the bounce house all came from her. 

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"The bounce house, it was just good ol' fun. We were just bouncing around in the bounce house and making out. I mean, everybody makes out with Nick," she said, before going on to admit the whipped cream bikini didn't go exactly as she had planned.

"It was supposed to be something silly, sexy, funny for me and Nick to enjoy. I will admit, watching it back, it was a little not what I wanted it…not the way I wanted it to go really," she said. "But you know what? I'm only human, it happens. I tried to do something cute and funny and it turned into a little bit too sexy of a thing."

As for her nanny Raquel's now-infamous cheese pasta, Corinne said it is "absolutely not" macaroni and cheese, before going on to explain exactly what cheese pasta is, saying you need "a good shell or elbow-shaped noodle" and "shredded cheese—I like mozzarella."

And there you have it. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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