It's a Private Practice Reunion on Imposters!

The former Seaside Wellness employees are back in business

By Traci Doromal Feb 03, 2017 12:00 PMTags

Looks like Private Practice's Charlotte King (KaDee Strickland) has been replaced with a woman named Maddie. At least we think that's what her name is.

It's been four years since we said goodbye to the sexy health care practitioners at Seaside Wellness, but two of the Shondaland alums are back together again thanks to Bravo's newest scripted series, Imposters, which premieres on Tuesday, February 7th. Paul Adelstein, who played everyone's favorite pediatrician Cooper Freedman on the PPP (Private Practice Program), stepped behind the camera as the co-creator of the mystery drama. He recruited Brian Benben, formerly Sheldon Wallace on Private Practice, as a series regular who's just as shady as his fellow con-artist Maddie, played by leading lady Inbar Lavi.

For those PPP fans, you know Cooper and Sheldon had a tenuous friendship, especially since their taste in women overlapped. In season one, Sheldon dates Coop's BFF Violet (Amy Brenneman) and when he finds out she's pregnant, he proposes. Except it turns out that the baby isn't his, so he heroically steps aside for baby daddy Pete (Tim Daly). By the next season, Sheldon starts dating Cooper's ex-girlfriend Charlotte, and in true soapy fashion, Coop walks in on Sheldon and Charlotte having sex. Sheldon later professes his love for Charlotte but unfortunately for him, she still was in love with Cooper, who she eventually gets engaged and married to. Sheldon heroically steps aside yet again. #ForeverAlone. 

All this is to say that thankfully, Benben is now able to stand in the spotlight without the threat of Adelstein coming in as Mr. Steal Yo Girl. Instead, he plays a guy named Max, a cohort of con artist Maddie, whose M.O. is making people fall in love with her then taking all their money before leaving them in the dust without a trace to be seen.


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So can fans expect to root for Max like they did Sheldon? Should we be cheering on Maddie or her scorned lovers left with nothing but a broken heart? Adelstein told reporters at the Television Critics Association winter press tour last month that the "constantly shifting" sympathies of the audience are one of the main reasons people should tune-in to the show. "They do some questionable things, even though you are sympathetic towards their plight," said Adelstein. "The rug can shift under the audience's feet every now and then, and that's a really fun thing to do." 

Shonda Rhimes should be proud. 

Imposters premieres on Tuesday, February 7th at 10p/9c on Bravo.

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