Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has bequeathed fans with anthems for just about everything, from no-strings attached sex to heavy boobs—and that was just in the first season. With season two wrapping up on Friday, Feb. 3—yes, way too soon—it's time to reflect on the music Rachel Bloom and Co. have gifted the world.

Not watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend? These songs stand alone on their comedic and relatability values. And really, what's wrong with you? Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is one of the best shows on television. You have some time to remedy your wrongs—season three has already been ordered and season two joins season one on Netflix on Saturday, Feb. 11. Plan accordingly.

Without further ado, the five best songs of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend season two:

"The Math of Love Triangles"
Bloom gives this Marilyn Monroe-esque number her all—can we get her in a Smash revival?—and it shows. This song is so fun and full of math puns. Who knew math could be this enjoyable?

Best line/joke: "Let's take a look at what this line bisects"
"Is that spelled b-i-s-e-x?"

"Remember That We Suffered"
As someone of Jewish descent, this song hit home. Even if you're not Jewish, you will find humor in this song. Featuring Patti Lupone and Tovah Feldshuh (in a role that should get her an Emmy), the song will be the anthem of all Jewish celebrations going forward.

Low-key best part: "Being happy is selfish/Remember that we suffered. You have no idea what pain is/Remember that we suffered."

"Research Me Obsessively"
You have done this to someone, not even framing it as a question, if you say you have not gone on an Internet deep-dive of an ex, a crush, a colleague, your ex's new beau, a potential employee, etc., you are lying to yourself.

Best line: "You know you wanna hunt for me tirelessly/Uh-huh/It's not stalking ‘cause the information is all technically public."

"Maybe This Dream"
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star Donna Lynne Champlin should be a household name. This Disney-ish number proves that.

Best/strangest/grossest verse: "Maybe this dream won't be like when I go running/And I have to take a dump/So I have to rush home/Plus I also have my period/So I have menstrual cramps plus dump cramps/And as I run frantically/I pee just a little/Because I've had two babies/So by the time I get home/My undies smell like a sewer rat."

"I'm Just a Girl in Love"
Bloom has said each season will have a different theme song to match, well, the theme of the season. Season two's nods to Rebecca Bunch fully embracing her love for Josh Chan (Vincent Rodriguez III) and noting, she's not crazy, she's in love.

Best line, that gives a hint as to what was to come this season: "I have no underlying issues to address/I'm certifiably cute and/Adorably obsessed."

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's season two finale airs Friday, Feb. 3 at 9 p.m. on The CW. Season two comes to Netflix on Saturday, Feb. 11.

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