Surprise! MTV's Chris "CT" Tamburello Reveals He's a Dad

‘Real World’ alum confirms he has a son that has inspired him to return to TV.

By Demi Douglas Feb 01, 2017 7:12 PMTags
Chris 'CT' TamburelloTom Briglia/FilmMagic

MTV's Chris "CT" Tamburello has great news to share!

In an interview with Hollywood Life, CT reveals he is a new father. CT explains that his new responsibility as a parent has transformed his life, and it also inspired his upcoming return to the 29th season of The Challenge. "I wanted to set the right example," he says.

Although CT does not provide details regarding his son's name or how old he is, he does share how much of an impact his child has on his life.

"I felt like he helped me get my life back. Coming on this show, I like to think that I did it for him and for the right reasons," he says. "Also, it became more about me and getting my life back and doing it for me."

CT's return to reality television comes as a surprise to many, as he has not starred in a series since passing of his ex-girlfriend, Diem Brown. Diem passed away in November 2014 after after her ovarian cancer metastasized.

CT made an appearance last year alongside Diem's sister Faith to honor his former flame. "The main reason I came back, I know there's going to come a time where [my son] is going to see me on TV," he says. "I want him to see me as I am today, and not some punk running around with his head cut off, smashing heads, you know?"

The Challenge star shares that even on set of the MTV series he was in dad mode. "Darrell [Taylor] can attest to this: Me and him are the old men on the show—all we did was trade baby pictures with each other," he says. "I became a father and perspective changes."

"I felt OK to come on this show in the very beginning, in this new chapter of my life. It did wonders for me. I was proud of it. I had my ups and downs through my 20s, and I'm here now still sharing my life on TV. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise; I'm so grateful and I'm so happy. I can't believe all this is happening and it's for the right reasons," CT says. "Of all the seasons, this is the one I'm most proud of, just because so much has happened through the years to where I am and who I am now. I'm most proud of this one."

The new season of The Challenge: Invasion premieres on MTV Feb. 8 at 10 p.m.